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House Painter’s Coming

Husband just called. Painting of our condo is scheduled tomorrow. Looks like Evan and I will be spending the next few days outside. Hmmm, with the beautiful weather I am thinking train ride downtown, Chinatown, museum… I was resistant at … Continue reading

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Second Hand Finds

One of my other favorite things in the U.S. is it being a goldmine for second hand finds. Nothing makes my day more than coming home bringing a good bargain. I am careful not to buy things just because it’s … Continue reading

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Vegan School Snack

Even if we still have butter left in the fridge I couldn’t resist baking this vegan apple muffin from Nava Atlas book “The Vegetarian Family Cookbook” for Evan’s school snack. I usually time my baking nowadays when I have the … Continue reading

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Giving Birth To Evan, Conclusion

Looking back, after nervously lamenting in my past entries about being “delayed” for 6 days I should have guessed Evan would choose Tuesday the 24th as his arrival to this world. The 24th being the day most male members of my immediate family have … Continue reading

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