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Camping Out At A Hotel

With the bedrooms being painted yesterday Tom and I decided that it was better for Evan and I to stay in a hotel for the night, especially since our son got the coughies after the abrupt change of temperature last … Continue reading

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Mom Tip #1 (Cilantro)

How to keep cilantro fresh. Cilantro is my favorite fresh herb to date. I love it on my nori wrapped rice, burrito, squash soup and stew. But one bunch is still too much for a person to have, even if … Continue reading

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Fake Cheese Fruit Dip

And this fake or imitation cream cheese, as what their slogan goes, does taste better than the real cream cheese. Since I don’t crave for bread  anymore I turned it into a fruit dip from a “recipe” I found in … Continue reading

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Life Chaotic

The house is in chaos right now. We are having our whole condo repainted, ceiling included. Though Tom and I have been talking about getting this done as far back as August, it got postponed when our car got stolen … Continue reading

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Second Hand Finds

One of my other favorite things in the U.S. is it being a goldmine for second hand finds. Nothing makes my day more than coming home bringing a good bargain. I am careful not to buy things just because it’s … Continue reading

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