Second Hand Finds

One of my other favorite things in the U.S. is it being a goldmine for second hand finds. Nothing makes my day more than coming home bringing a good bargain. I am careful not to buy things just because it’s dirt cheap, I make sure that I need them too. The last thing I need are stuff to clutter the house some more. Cluttering – I leave that to my 3 year old.

Still I can’t resist buying a good book. Especially if it’s priced 90cents. Never mind if its another book to add to my pile. Even if I don’t get around to reading this, I’m sure my mom, sister and friend Lynn in the Philippines would be eager to have this in their hands:

Other thrift stores I like to drop by every now and then are for children’s stuff. Not really for clothes or shoes though because Evan has ample supply for this from his cousin Rohan and my friend’s son, but more on toys. One Saturday I took Evan on a train joyride, with the intention of buying him a comic book at the last stop but we hit a jackpot when we visited a children’s resale store with this.

For $7:

Also $7:

They probably cost around $20-$30 each brand new. The cashier told me that the parents just dropped off the toys that morning. Did we get lucky or what?

The last item featured is one of the second hand treasure that is most useful to us right now:

This DisneyPrincess portable karaoke/discman (minus the microphone and headphone) cost me $2. Since we already have our own headphone I thought it was worth buying. And I was right since Evan is into (or has always been) music and stories. I don’t feel too bad for him anymore when I go out for a run with him in the stroller. He is kept entertained by this. He doesn’t care that it has princesses on it either.

With spring around the corner, I am looking forward the yard sale fiesta the warmer days bring!

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5 Responses to Second Hand Finds

  1. lynn says:

    wow! i like this post! atty gil tabucanon introduced me to isabel allende books, i hope you too will discover her too, best regards to tom and evan and of course to you. Have you heard the latest from Michelle?

  2. Ed says:

    If you get me anywhere near a pile of books prices for less than a dollar, I have to start using boxes to get them back to the car. That is perhaps why I have literally several hundred books in my to-be-read-someday-pile/bookcase.

  3. Kittymama says:

    Those are really great finds! I don’t mind second-hand items myself, as long as they are in great condition. I got a Sylvanian Families house recently for PhP150 (just a little more than three dollars) when a brand new one would easily fetch ten times as much. It just needed a little cleaning and minor repairs and it was perfect! Here’s to more great finds!

  4. MC says:

    I love hanging around thrift stores too. But for books I always wait for the library to have their booksale. You know when they charge you 2 bucks for a paper bag full of books.

  5. geri says:

    Lynn, I will keep an eye out for her, pero I am noticing my attention span for fiction works right now is not too great.

    Ed, where do you keep those books?

    Kittymama, I had to look it up – it’s so cute! What a great find! Where did you get them? Not only are we saving money, we are saving the planet as well =)

    MC, wow, 2 bucks for a bag full of books – nothing can top that!

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