Vegan School Snack

Even if we still have butter left in the fridge I couldn’t resist baking this vegan apple muffin from Nava Atlas book “The Vegetarian Family Cookbook” for Evan’s school snack. I usually time my baking nowadays when I have the reason to give most of them away. Instead of butter, applesauce is used and instead of milk, I put rice milk. For a batch of 12 muffins only 1/3 sugar was mixed in. I liked the idea of the diced apples on the muffin. In many ways in reminds me of the baked goods in the Philippines during my childhood – having just the right kind of sweetness.

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2 Responses to Vegan School Snack

  1. cielito says:

    This looks very yummy! :)

  2. geri says:

    Yummy jud, sige lang Cielito one of these days I will be dropping off a batch of my baked goods at your house soon hehe

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