Yep, He’ll Be 4 In May

My son, the politician, would approach other kids (especially when we’re at the park) and introduce himself this way, “Hi! My name is Evan.” It is usually the parents who would answer for their children, “Hi Evan, how are you?” Evan would reply with, “On my birthday in May, I will be 4!” holding up four fingers at the same time.

Evan can and will read anywhere bathroom included, squeezing it into our before bedtime/bathroom ritual. Taken 2 months ago.

And sometimes that won’t be enough, when he gets really friendly he will even volunteer information about our personal business. At the grocery store he told a woman, “My mom bought 3 milks. One for dad, one for me and one for mom.” At Baker’s Square during my pre-vegan days he informed the cashier that: “My mom is going to the doctor and I am going to Charlene’s house.” I was half-afraid that he was going to blurt out my scheduled surgery too.

There are a lot of stuff that Evan does that point out to us how he is growing up fast. Just yesterday he takes strawberries from the fridge himself, gets the stool, washes the fruit in the sink, takes out the stem, throws it into the trash can all without instructions from mom. While eating lunch at Whole Foods on that day, he used the water dispenser by himself again without mom telling him how to do it (in fact, I initially didn’t want him to do it because I thought he would spill water on the floor). He ended up refilling mom’s plastic cup, at my request, 3 times.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not but his appetite has noticeably increased ever since I becama a vegan. He now asks for snacks sometimes several times a day which he never did before. Shown here making a face at the camera inbetween bites of his leftover macaroni & cheese and tonkatsu mid-afternoon snack.

He continues to have an adventurous palate. He was reluctant to try the quinoa at first though but when mom told him that it was like an elve’s corn, he finished the whole plate. He ate cous cous without problem. What amazed me the most was how he took a liking to barley miso, which has a stronger smell and taste than the miso found on japanese restos. The first time I cooked the soup and was initially put off by the smell myself. I thought, “there’s no way Evan’s having this,” but I was proven wrong. Which is good because it is a lot healthier than the (already healthy) milder miso.

Just out of the blue one night he also declared, “I don’t need it,” on his blankie. He now just doesn’t walk down the stairs, he jumps the last 3 steps for all 6 flights. He sometimes does 4 steps. My hair is turning gray by the minute (joke, none yet for me).

Mr. DJ. Evan nowadays stations himself near the stereo and listens to his CD changing the music himself. He can practically spend the whole afternoon entertaining himself with it. Which works for me since he has also given up on his afternoon naps. This love for music has also made him forget  about watching tv. Although he still watches DVDs when we eat out, he has never requested to watch a movie at home for more than a month now.

He continues to amuse us with things that he says. Like:

In the restaurant while waiting for our meal, he asks while handing me crayons and paper “Can you draw me a tower? A tower that’s ten feet tall?”

He’s into ropes, lassos and chains. While I was watching tv he approaches me while holding his daddy’s belt saying, “Witch! I will tie you up!”

During dinner on a night when I was particularly starving,  just as I was ready to shove the spoon in my mouth for a bite he interrupts me and reminds this mom, “Let’s pray first!”

While seated on the couch side by side he told me “Only grown ups say darn it. When I become a grown up I can say darn it.” I tell him, “Yes you can but it’s better if you don’t. *You don’t hear mom say darn it, do you?” He  comes back with “You’re not a grown up!” pointing at me.

Tonight he tells me, “Spirit (the horse in a movie) starts with the letter S. Snakes starts with the letter S. Stupid starts with the letter S. We don’t say stupid at all.”

While watching President Obama’s speech at the night before the Health Care Reform vote, his dad pointed out to him, “Look Evan, that’s our President Obama. He is a good guy.” His son answers with, “And Brainiac (a Marvel Super Heroes villain) is a bad guy.”

*mom does say the S word sometimes.

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11 Responses to Yep, He’ll Be 4 In May

  1. Loraine says:

    He is growing up fast. Very witty. I feel bad; I just wrote the d word in my comment on your last vegan entry.
    They grow up so fast that’s why I try to enjoy each moment with Benji.

  2. Kittymama says:

    These are the best years, I assure you, coming from a mom of two teenage boys (well, technically both are teenagers, but one is nearer Evan’s age in cognition). I remember all too clearly my eldest son’s clever retorts (the best: when I asked him why he didn’t write that his mom is sexy and beautiful, as his classmate did, in an essay for school, he said “But Mom, that would be a lie.” Ouch.) but sadly, in caring for our other son, we seemed to have sometimes rushed him out of his childhood.
    These are truly precious years, and you are lucky to have the chance to document them for posterity. Say hello to Evan for us!

  3. MC says:

    OMG, he’s got your congeniality, didn’t he? He’s adorable and already turning 4? My gulay, he is indeed a “big boy” now.

    Where have all the years gone Geri?

  4. Ed says:

    My daughter is the one at the playground that just blankly stares back when another kids introduces theirselves. I’m not sure why since she talks non-stop at home, school, and daycare and now says hi to every stranger on the street.

  5. geri says:

    Loraine, hahaha that D word is pretty mild, I don’t say it because the S word works better for me. I just want Evan to postpone using swear words as long as I could esp now he’s experimenting using bad words just to see what our reaction is.

    Kittymama, I started blogging when I was pregnant (which I later miscarried) so subconsciously I probably did it to document this major change. I am lucky to have become a mom when blogging existed in many ways it has made coping easier for me especially since I was isolated from people dear to me.

    MC, I am nowhere near Evan’s degree of friendliness, I remember being very shy as a child. I hope he grows up to have just the right kind of friendliness without being overbearing.

    Ed, seems to me Little Abbey is breaking out of her shell. Being over friendly can have its disadvantages – esp when in a restaurant as from our experience =)

  6. auee says:

    “And Brainiac (a Marvel Super Heroes villain) is a bad guy”

    Oo nga naman, kelangan may contrast 😀

    Sounds like you have one smart cookie here!

  7. geri says:

    Thanks Auee!

  8. Bless says:

    Wow time flies fast indeed and Evan growing smart and witty :-) Btw, love your new blog layout Geri and been catching up on your updates :-) Amping mo pirmi.

  9. geri says:

    Bless, thank you. Shiloh must be 3 already right? Time flies jud. I am glad you like my lew lay-out, it’s still an ongoing project. I’m still learning my way around WordPress and php coding =)

  10. Judy says:

    Ger, just a word of caution or maybe you are already aware of it. I have read (or saw on TV) about kids having accidentally hurt and choked themselves with belt and ropes while they were playing.

    Hugs to Evan. Will email you later about my schedule.

  11. geri says:

    Judy, we usually gets informative pamphlet after their wellness check ups and choking hazardous materials are one of them. Evan already has been warned not to that put ropes/belts etc around his neck but with kids you never know what they come up with. This afternoon he put the handle of the laundry hamper (who knew!) around his neck – so mommy has to let him know that that too wasn’t a good idea too. What’s good about this age though is that they are a natural show-off, they always show us every 5 minutes what stuff they come up with.

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