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Only A Month More To Go…

I have to admit, these monthly Evan updates are starting to stress me out. Like I wanted to do this entry last Saturday for the 24th but couldn’t because I thought I didn’t have enough new pictures of my son. … Continue reading

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10/10/10 = Full Marathon

If I haven’t been posting anything new in the running category lately, it’s because I am on running hiatus. By hiatus I mean still running 3 miles 4 times a week on the average just to keep my legs in … Continue reading

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Coping With Seasonal Allergies

I first suspected that I was allergic to anything pretty late. I was in my late 20’s in the Philippines. I was allergic to cats which was pretty ironic for a cat lover like me. That was why when I … Continue reading

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Gone Gaga Over Dragons

I like watching movies in the big screen with my small son, especially during wintertime when outdoor activities are limited. A slight problem is good children’s movies are hard to come by especially for his age, he is soon turning … Continue reading

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Mom Tip#4: Sticky Covers

Ever since I got immigrated here in the U.S. and got married I began to enjoy reading books on Household Hints and Tips. This is one tip that I picked up that is very useful for me. What to do … Continue reading

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