Coping With Seasonal Allergies

I first suspected that I was allergic to anything pretty late. I was in my late 20’s in the Philippines. I was allergic to cats which was pretty ironic for a cat lover like me. That was why when I got here in the US Tom and I first thought of adopting a dog instead of a cat. But we still ended up with Wapshot which I found out I wasn’t allergic to – maybe because he was and still is an indoor cat.

Last year in May though, I almost wasn’t able to run the half-marathon because of endless sneezing and itchy eyes. I realized as long as I try not to sneeze too much and use cooled tea bags of chamomile tea for my eyes, it was still bearable. I am averse to taking medicines so I try to do away with as much as I can. When summer came, my allergies went out the door.

So I was curious how I how I would fare this year. Then early March there was news that this year would be the worst for allergies. Oh boy. Not for long I read on Facebook several filipina friends in the U.S. bemoaning about their bad allergy symptoms. I was just waiting for my turn. And sure enough it arrived several weeks earlier than it had last year. But apparently, as the news, predicted it was so bad that some people I know both americans and filipinos are affected for the first time by it too.

I am still holding off seeing an allergist or taking over the counter medicines. I did get a neti pot and use saline solution once/twice a day, and chamomile teabags for my eyes. So far my symptoms are only sneezing, itchy eyes and roof of the mouth. They are bearable as long as I immediately relieve them with the neti pot and teabags. I am actually amazed how I can breathe a lot easier everytime I do my neti pot session and how great those teabags feel during and after the few minutes I put them on. Drinking lots of water helps the roof of the mouth itchiness. I also discovered that as always, the lethargic feeling disappears after an hour or so spent outdoors (e.g. running, time spent in the playground with my son or even just a walk around downtown) which is puzzling since I am exposed to trees during these jaunts. But nevertheless this something I have to remind myself in the mornings when getting myself out the door seems like an impossible task.

Oh June, where art thou?

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