Only A Month More To Go…

I have to admit, these monthly Evan updates are starting to stress me out. Like I wanted to do this entry last Saturday for the 24th but couldn’t because I thought I didn’t have enough new pictures of my son. So this morning with the nice weather (not too chilly) I brought my camera with me when we walked to the gym. As I sat down to write this, aside from the 15 approved (from the total of 39) Evan photos I took today, I found out not only do I have over 6 other interesting ones I also have a video of him too. They will have to wait in another post.

We were cooped up inside the house one morning because of mom’s red eyes (allergies). So we read. I get a kick out of it because I can already actually read a book for myself with him beside me. One of the things I love about almost-4-year-olds.

So I am copying a summary of Evan tidbits in my Facebook and a few others I can remember.

April 10 –
7:45 this morning Evan comes into our dark bedroom carrying a stool. “What is he doing?” I whispered to my husband. For an answer, the 3 year old climbs the stool to reach for the light switch and turn it on, “it’s morning time!” he cheerfully declares amidst our protests.

April 12 – Evan tells his dad that he’ll have 10 children when he grows up but he walks around the house with a rosary around his neck.

Evan with a rosary beads around his neck while playing with the Transformer’s The Fallen.

April 14 – Evan wore short sleeved shirt today outside our house for the first time since winter. He was looking at his bare arms like it was a strange extension of his body.

April 18 – Evan’s special request for dinner? Broccolli. When told that we didn’t have any, he cheerfully settles for peas and carrots. He definitely doesn’t get this from his dad. For the first time he also told me he likes my homemade turkey burgers (crumbled on his rotini with marinara sauce and shredded cheese). The rewards of mommyhood.

April 22 – Me to Evan: “You’re a cute little boy”. Evan to me: “I’m not! I’m not cute enough!”. He has high standards.

April 23 – Evan and I had a fun time at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry with tita Lynne and son David. The best part? It was FREE – $16 parking included. Total savings = $66!

Evan the next astronaut to Mars? Taken at the Chicago Museum of Science And Industry. The 2 boys had a blast pushing all the red buttons they could see. Mom was bored. Science and me don’t go together, as I would say to my husband.

April 25 – Our 3 year old just asked us what the word “opportune” meant. Uh… dictionary please!

Some stuff I don’t even post in Facebook because it just might be too over the top to be talking about one’s kid too much. So I reserve it for this blog =)

His friend was here for playdate. Over lunch Evan declares to the unsuspecting Charlene “I will marry you.” 3 year old Charlene, “Huh?”

Evan wanted to go to California like his friend Braden. Dad told him that to get to California he needs lots of money. So Evan asked “Can we buy some money?”

Evan had new boxers on. “Dad I have lizard (prints) on my briefs, I show you…”  he then starts to pull up the legs of his jeans as if it could even get past his knees.

Last week, he asked us for the first time, “I want a baby sister and a big brother”.

One of the photos I took this morning for our 47th month pictorial. More to follow.

This afternoon at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. In a loud voice Evan asked me about a stuffed toy, “Where’s that Buzz (Lightyear) with a button on his penis?!!” It was good that there was only one other grown up there, another mom who thankfully was too preoccupied with her own son to hear.

I can’t believe that on my next update my little boy will be a not-so little 4 year old anymore. Huhuhu.

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4 Responses to Only A Month More To Go…

  1. Ed says:

    For now, our daughter refers to su-su and pec-pec (not sure on my tagalog spelling) which saves some embarrassment when out in public.

    I’ve said it before and I’m sure you feel the same way with Evan, now is my favorite time. Children just keep getting better with age. I just wonder when the time comes when we start wishing they were kids again.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, I know other filipina moms who do that too. Since english is my second language it’s easier for me to say it to him in english than in our native language, our version is either too childish or too vulgar. English seems to sound more scientific although it might feel otherwise to native english speakers lol

    Yeah, I agree with you, I think this is the best age. And I do wonder at what I age would I wish Evan to be younger again. But at this time I feel there are much more fun things I can do with my son nowadays compared to when he was littler. As you would with Little Abbey =)

  3. Judy says:

    I will never get tired of listening (or reading)to Evan’s update. And of course your side comments which always makes me laugh like “He has standards” or when you said “Let us make this clear” comment to his question about him being in your tummy when you and Tom got married. haha. I still wish you and Evan will go with me to Florida.

  4. geri says:

    Thanks Judy, it may sound so “I love my own” but I also enjoy rereading them and it amazes me how I forget a lot of little things which makes me glad I do these updates. Hayaan mo Judy, one of these days Evan and I can go with you on another trip =)

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