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Taho And Other Filipino Vegan Treats

It took more than a month after I started going vegan before I began craving for something sweet again. Filipino sweet treats in particular. Then it occurred to me that I can have my favorite ginataan, a filipino snack of … Continue reading

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I May Have Saved 3 Lives Today

I just donated 1 pint of blood this morning. This will be my fifth time to donate blood, my first in the U.S. I don’t know what got me started donating blood. I do remember after a moment of introspection … Continue reading

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Getting Reacquainted With Agar Agar

It’s funny how I was hunting for this ingredient with no success on the first week I was doing Alicia Super hero meal plan in her “The Kind Diet” book . I looked it up in the internet and found … Continue reading

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Mom Tip#3: Recycling Colored Paper As Homework

Is it only Evan’s school but do the schools here ask you to bring home tons of colored paper every week for announcements of school activities? At first I would automatically throw them out on our “paper only” trash bin … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Naps (Well…Almost)

Two years ago, when I was still a member of Pinoy Moms Network and did a lot of bloghopping, I remember seeing a photo of another mom’s daughter falling asleep on the kitchen floor. That made such an impression on … Continue reading

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