Evan Is 4!

I was half afraid Evan will not be healthy for his 4th birthday. The week before he was unusually lethargic, whiny, always complaining of sore throat for 5 days and constantly waking up for 5 nights that I had to bring him twice to the doctor only to be told that except for colds and coughs there wasn’t anything wrong with him. Then demonstrating the resilience of a child he bounced back, in time for his 4 hour kite making/flying activity that mom booked for him while mom and dad went out on a date for our wedding anniversary. Not only did he did NOT take a nap that day but remained cheerful when mom picked him up at 8pm until past his bedtime.

Evan on the way home after an afternoon spent downtown watching Shrek movie, lunch, cookie, ice cream and cake.

He got many gifts this year from his tita Rhebs, tita Judy, tita Gilda, a special gift from dad and a few others from us. We will have a Pirate Picnic next week, we worked this schedule around Evan’s 5 favorite friends including David from Wisconsin. I wanted to invite Evan’s entire class but couldn’t imagine having more than 10 kids in our small condo and didn’t think of a picnic until the last minute when I learned our stairs needed to be fixed. As luck would have it, the weather of the day we picked is supposedly perfect, not too hot (for mosquitoes or flies to come over) not too cool either. Hope it remains that way.

Since I have a lot of stuff to prepare let me end this with the usual Facebook compilation and pictures of the difference a month makes:

May 3 Evan to me while giving him a bath: “Mom, was I under your tummy when you and dad got married?” Me to Evan: “No Evan, you were born inside mommy’s tummy 2 years after mommy and dad got married.” Let’s just be clear on that.

May 6 Evan hands to me 32cents. “This is toy money for my 10 children,” he orders.

May 7 Evan’s poor man’s Ironman costume. We could buy him the real one but we’re afraid he’s going to live in it. Ironman 2 movie opens in the US today. Wish I could watch it with him but he’s too young.

May 10 My 3 year old woke up to find his father already gone for work. He asked me, “Where’s dad? Did he banish?” I asked him to repeat what he said, yes he used the letter B.

May 11 Evan got up in the middle of last night, as my husband led him back to his room and tucked him to bed, my son looked up to his dad and said, “I like you because you are kind.” Tom was very touched.

May 12 Tom and I had an opposite description on what a “yacth” is to Evan. Tom said that it was a “big boat” (compared to the sailboats in Lake Michigan). I said that it was a “small boat” (compared to the passenger ferries in the Philippines). Poor confused son.

Evan last month. I still have to get around posting this batch of pix, still searching for the right slide plug-in.

May 13 I was wondering aloud where Evan and I were going to eat for lunch after I picked him up from school. My son however knows what he’s in the mood for: “I want to go to that Indian (buffet) place.” I remember one time when he threw a fit when we arrived at a Japanese resto to find it closed at 11am. Nope, definitely not from his dad.

May 19 Evan’s Question of The Day: “How did dad bought this house?” The other day it was, “How’s dad’s work?” after I talked to Tom on the phone. He also asked his father, “tell me about your dreams.”

May 20 is a little sad and nervous at my son’s first field trip without me (watching a play – Goldilocks And The 3 Bears) at the same time excited at having 4 hours to myself on this gorgeous day!

May 24 walking downtown to watch Shrek, lunch, ice cream, bookstore and park with the birthday boy. Wish it was cooler though 86F (30C) is too warm for me.

Evan looks older and even his walk is different. Gone is the always on-the-run excited little boy, replaced with a lazy, confident, swagger of a 4 year old. If there is a moment of childhood in Evan that I will miss, it will be this age. Don’t grow up too fast baby!

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4 Responses to Evan Is 4!

  1. Ed says:

    Preparations are underway for L.A.’s birthday celebration this afternoon(a few days early.) We did invite 12 kids this time but I think probably only half will show. Either way, I will sleep well tonight I’m sure.

    This is such a fun age with our kids.

  2. Kittymama says:

    Belated Happy 4th birthday, Evan! May you continue to bless your parents’ life with kindness, grace, and love always. Grow well in God’s grace- bless you! :-)

  3. michelle says:

    missing you evan.

  4. geri says:

    Ed, how was Little Abbey’s party? If we had a big house I would have invited more. I wish I had thought of a picnic from the start.

    Thanks for the lovely words Kitty Mama.

    Can’t wait to see you again Chelle! Evan is so much more fun at this age…

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