I Love Farmer’s Market

I was excited for the Farmer’s Market to start this year. We don’t usually have them at winter, last weekend was the second one we had since last November. It was my first since I became a vegan, so I looked at it through different eyes. I was scouting for green, leafy vegetables instead of baked goods. Unfortunately, the selection for such seem limited at this time of the year. Plus, I got spoiled with the Farmer’s Market in Madison, Wisconsin. Theirs is just so much bigger.

The Farmer’s Market is one of the things I love going to here in the U.S. aside from Art Fairs and bookstores – malling not at all, for me Philippine shopping malls are still hard to beat. Not only are they bigger, had more variety but affordable too. The few big malls that we have here are just too expensive, mostly brand names.

Farmer’s Market are usually open on Saturdays at 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, held in wide open lots. One of the many things I look forward to in the summer. For last weekend’s Farmer’s Market I bought $3 mushroom, $3 basil, $3 blueberry jam and $2 Streetwise magazine, a magazine sold by authorized street people.

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2 Responses to I Love Farmer’s Market

  1. Ed says:

    Ours opened up too. I can imagine it is slim pickens for a vegan. I normally got for the oatmeal coconut pie that one of the local amish makes. It is heaven in a round tinfoil pan!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, That oatmeal coconut pie sounds really good! One of the unusual baked goods I’ve tried before was the spicy, cheesy bread. Was actually delicious!

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