Mom Tip #5: Cold, Rainy Day Rescue

Not to sound like a paid post, but I discovered the perfect place to take my energetic soon-to-be 4 year old boy during cold, rainy days. It costs only $10 child and no charge for the accompanying adults. What’s even better is that it has free WiFi. Yesterday while we spent 4 hours there, I was able to read some of my 600 pageturner book and worked on my computer while Evan had the time of his life. Wish I had discovered this at the beginning of last winter.

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2 Responses to Mom Tip #5: Cold, Rainy Day Rescue

  1. Ed says:

    Loved that last picture!

    I’m still too paranoid with my daughter and wouldn’t be able to focus on a book. But she is still a lot more timid than Evan when it comes to stuff like that. Perhaps in another year, I will be able to get some serious book time while she entertains herself at places like that. Until then, I just go to indoor playgrounds at the local McDonald’s where I can keep tabs on her much easier.

    I wish I were a kid again in a place like that!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, it was our second time to go there that was why I was more relaxed. The first time, I had to put down my book every 3 minutes or so.

    I can’t even tap in the child in me to imagine myself playing frolicking in those things, the idea just tires me out hahaha

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