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My Prince Charming

I was at my computer as usual when I noticed my 3 year old son at my feet. Children can be obsessive compulsive at some things sometimes, so Cinderella couldn’t resist teasing Ironboy that morning.

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The Power Of Facebook…

…and showbiz and politics mixed together. The day after the entry “In Defense Of Lucy” was posted in Facebook there was an incredible jump in this blog’s viewership as seen on the Google Analytics graph above. The entry alone accounts … Continue reading

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Lucy Wins, Now What?

Lucy was proclaimed today at 10:42 in the morning Philippine time. Whatever elation I should’ve have felt was already tamped down last night when I learned only one candidate from the independent party was elected. Still the same old, same … Continue reading

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In Defense of Lucy

I am normally against showbiz personalities who run for public office. I have also believed that a person can serve the public without being in the government. The past couple of weeks has challenged my thinking. Today was the day … Continue reading

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Mom Tip #5: Cold, Rainy Day Rescue

Not to sound like a paid post, but I discovered the perfect place to take my energetic soon-to-be 4 year old boy during cold, rainy days. It costs only $10 child and no charge for the accompanying adults. What’s even … Continue reading

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