Playing Photographer To A Close Friend

I still have so many things to write about our trip to Canada but I needed something fast. So I will post about my role as a photographer to Binky, a close college friend from the Philippines, who is here for a visit. When Binky wrote to meĀ  that she was going to LA I wrote back that I will never speak to her again if she doesn’t drop by Chicago. Kidding aside, I knew my friend who first visited me a couple of years ago during the winter would love Chicago in the summer. I may sound biased but Chicago in the summer is simply beautiful and fun, fun, fun. Here are some of my favorite shots of Binky:

It’s nice to play photographer to another artist who has her own style. Like when I would show my shot to her, she wouldn’t comment but just tell me to take another one with just her head and the flowers. My mind resisted but it would turn out that I loved the results, especially the one with the white flowers above (second photo with Evan). Who would have thought white flowers would be so attractive.

The other fun thing about having an artist friend is not only would she want to give you, errr… me, a makeover (yup, my hairdo is courtesy of Binky), she’s also a very persistent photographer:

Best of all, she gave me a good mommy and Evan photo, something that is rare these days:

Suffice it to say Binky loved our pictorial sessions in Chicago Botanical Garden, Millenium Park and Navy Pier. She is thrilled with her photos (250+ of them), as I am with mine (less than 20, I don’t have the model stamina like her). We also got lucky that we had good samaritan photographers who took great pictures of us:

Thanks Binks for the precious digital memories =)

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2 Responses to Playing Photographer To A Close Friend

  1. Ed says:

    I like the last one with Evan laying behind you but seen in the reflection.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, that is one of my favorite too. Evan nowadays plays hard-to-get when it comes to posing for cameras. I was lucky that he consented for a few.

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