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D-I-Y Evan’s Haircut Without Clippers

I’ve always cut my son’s hair. In fact his first haircut was when he was 8 months old because his sideburns was  too long even though he was almost bald for the most part. The only time he had it … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Age

As Evan get older, he gets sweeter. In Seattle, while waiting for our check during lunch, with Evan sitting on my laugh he gave me a “hundred” kisses on the cheek and as a finale, grabbed the sides of my … Continue reading

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Strength and Stretch

I am thrilled to have finally found 2 workout DVDs that not only excites me but will also complement my running cardio. As any running book would tell you, stretching and strength training are important in not only making you … Continue reading

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Heavenly Halo-Halo Without The Shaved Ice Machine

There are just days when the heat has our body clamoring for not just an ice cream but halo-halo (Philippine sundae). The it has-to-be-Halo-Halo hot kind of weather. In my 7 years in the U.S. I have yet to find … Continue reading

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The Skinny On Dieting (A Repost)

I have close to 30 years of dieting experience. I was only in the fifth grade when I thought I needed to lose weight. I started taking ballet lessons and, in my pink tights and blue leotards, it was hard … Continue reading

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