D-I-Y Evan’s Haircut Without Clippers

I’ve always cut my son’s hair. In fact his first haircut was when he was 8 months old because his sideburns was  too long even though he was almost bald for the most part. The only time he had it done in a salon was during our visit the Philippines 1 1 /2 years ago. It wasn’t only because I was too cheap to spend $18 (without tip) on a kid’s salon, I also didn’t trust anyone with scissors near my little boy.


Lucky for me Evan’s hair was easy to trim. Having him watch tv helped too. I would even do a little layer as his hair started becoming thicker. But I wanted to do it right, however when I would research it over the net what I would come up with were limited to doing it with clippers. I didn’t want that because first I didn’t know if Evan would be scared of the buzzing sound and waste money in the process. Second, I didn’t trust I would know what to do with a clipper even if I have heard a few times that it’s easy. Third, I didn’t want to give Evan with just a buzz cut especially since I think Evan’s hair is one of his best assets. Tom claims that he got it from him (the father says, he’s always had nice hair when he was younger), while I think Evan got the thickness from mine.


It was only last week that it occurred to me to check it out on Youtube. A good thing too because I was starting to feel desperate seeing Evan’s hair sticking to his face with sweat because of the extreme heat we have been experiencing lately. I’ve seen several videos but this is the most helpful Part 1 & Part 2.

I was so happy with the results that now I am itching to do my husband’s.  And Tom agrees to it too =)

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2 Responses to D-I-Y Evan’s Haircut Without Clippers

  1. Kittymama says:

    Evan’s new haircut looks great! Galing mo, mommy! *clap clap*

    I also used to cut my boys’ hair when they were small, till around ten. Alex’s hair was coarser and more unforgiving of mistakes so when it became difficult to do his hair, I sent him off to the barber. Alphonse’s hair was softer and it layered beautifully but it took hours just to get the haircut done. We would do one side, then he’d run away and play, then we’d move to another side, then break again for water play, so we usually reserved a whole day just to get it done. Sometimes, we’d do it while he’d be sitting in a humongous basin, playing water so he’d be distracted. :-)
    Of course, my very first hairstyle guinea pig was my husband, who lovingly bore uneven cuts and the accidental shaving of his entire left sideburn (I had to shave the other side too to make it even). If he had balked or complained, I bet I would’ve lost nerve right then and there. It is to his credit that I learned how to cut hair.

    Kudos to you, Geri! And show us Tom’s new cut, if he’s willing. :-)

  2. geri says:

    Kittymama, I think Tom chickened out and used the “there is no time” reason so he went to the barber. But he did allow me to “correct” the barber’s haircut because it wasn’t compatible with the way my husband parted his hair. Baby steps hehe Mas courageous husband mo lol

    I think Evan’s hair is like Alphonse, more forgiving. I admire you for your determination – if Evan was malikot I would probably give up right away =)

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