Strength and Stretch

I am thrilled to have finally found 2 workout DVDs that not only excites me but will also complement my running cardio. As any running book would tell you, stretching and strength training are important in not only making you a stronger, faster runner but also to prevent injuries as well. It has always something I’ve been meaning to incorporate into my running but haven’t found the right workout for it.

I loved both of these because for the Gaiam Pilates with Bodyband it gives a calm, basic, simple Pilates movements with the use of the resistance bands for strength. Working the powerhouse (or the core) is a bonus too. I attended Pilates a few times in the gym before but found it too long (1 hour), boring and too complicated. Plus, I love working with body bands because unlike weights you only use one of it and not clutter our tiny condo with unsightly weights of different sizes.

I loved the NYC Ballet workout because of the leg stretches among other things. When I was doing this DVD I noticed how good it feels to my legs especially the feet. Apparently I am not alone in this observations. I found this in a customer review in

“As a runner, I was having some trouble with my knees. A sports therapist told me I had overdeveloped a muscle on the outer thigh, and had underdeveloped inner thigh muscles which was giving me arthritis in my knees. So I got this video. I do it once a week. All the inner thigh workouts and stretching have totally cured my pain. I still run, but I don’t hurt.”

As I told my husband, my body was smiling afterwards. I only got to do it once and was cut-off at 50 minutes because I had to go somewhere but so far I liked it very much that I am considering of ordering my copy (and the Pilates too). To think that I was only interested in checking this out in the first place because my mom suggested on the phone that my niece Ina should continue ballet exercises at home even if she stopped her classes (the weekend schedule was too much for her) to keep her muscles flexible and limber. Now I am doing it for me (I took ballet for 4 years)!

I think the large appeal for these videos for me was that it is relaxing and slow paced, the perfect complement to the intense running that I have been doing.

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