The Sweetest Age

As Evan get older, he gets sweeter. In Seattle, while waiting for our check during lunch, with Evan sitting on my laugh he gave me a “hundred” kisses on the cheek and as a finale, grabbed the sides of my face to give me a long kiss on the mouth – all caught on video. And he still does it now, this morning after drinking his milk he puckered his lips at me for a spontaneous kiss. Then there are the constant I love yous to me and his dad. When I give him dinner, when it’s something he really likes (the last one was miso soup which I added his fave carrots and whole wheat spaghetti noodles with wakame seaweed, tofu and mellow mis0) he’d say “hmmmm…this is good. Thanks mom for cooking this for me.” When we’re lying in his bed, he’s grab hold of on of our arms and wrap it around his waist.

One minute he was eating breakfast, the next minute he was Buzz Lightyear. Sitting on his head is a glass bowl where my mangoes were. I had to confiscate the bowl and tell him it’s dangerous, but not after taking a picture first lol

I continually get comments from those who has spent time with us and him how low-maintenance he is, he doesn’t require a lot of attention, of how he can keep himself entertained for long periods of time. Candice told me her husband commented that if they have a son he hopes that he/she will be well-behaved as Evan. That’s always music to this mom’s ears. But I am always quick to warn that like kids he has occasional meltdowns however I have noticed that it’s quicker and easier for me to reason and calm him down nowadays.

Brownout one night last week. Ironboy was excited to light up the house with his repulsor.

I am constantly amazed at the level of understanding he is capable of that sometimes I have to catch myself from trying to use simpler words instead of the correct ones when explaining things to him because he has demonstrated many times that he gets it. He has gotten more independent, this is also something that I am in the process of making adjustments and not be on auto-pilot of doing everything for him. Recently, it has been when he says he is thirsty I now tell him to get it himself.

Evan enjoying the free frozen custard, magic show, face painting, games, music and tour at our city’s history center yesterday afternoon.

I wish I had a record off all the memorable things he has said but I have to be content on what I have jotted down on Facebook:

June 8 at 9:35pm Evan: “mom, I’m thirsty.” Me: “Evan, you can get water by yourself.” I love this age.

June 29 at 11:38pm Evan tonight at bedtime: I’m getting bigger mom! My jammas are getting smaller. We will give this to baby Job (his cousin in the Philippines) and I will wear daddy’s jammas.

July 1 at 5:45pm Since his birthday whenever we go to the store and Evan sees something he really likes, he would ask: “mom, can I have this for my next birthday?” My reply, of course, would be: “suuuuurrreee!!!” and leave empty handed without fuss. I hope he doesn’t catch on for a loooong time.

July 5 at 6:20pm I was in the other room making a call when I overheard Tom asking my 4 year old who was taking a bath: “Is your mom there?” Evan answered with, “Oh no, she’s engaged.” This from a boy who still says “pah-korn” for popcorn.

July 15 at 8:14pm Evan to me this afternoon (as we were going down the stairs): “I love you! You’re the best mom that God chose for me”. These spontaneous declarations of love always come out of the blue. Hope there is no cut-off age for this.

July 15 at 9:08pm My husband Tom asked me while having dinner, ” did he (meaning Evan) have a b-a-d- d-r-e-a-m last night?”¬† “No,” our son piped up from under the dining table, “I had a weird dream last night” Now THAT’s weird =)

July 17 at 8:41am while in his bed and trying to get my son to sleep amidst last night’s unusual circumstance, I shared how I like to listen to the wind rustling the leaves outside because it feels cool. He replied with, “I like how the warmth of your hand is.” He’s 4 and waxing poetic.

Friday at 9:16pm when I told my 4 year old that he shouldn’t be getting up in the middle of the night to sleep in mom and dad’s room, he reasoned with “but the thunder might hurt my feelings.”

This is not on Facebook but here’s what he said to his daddy who was leaving¬† for the grocery store: “Bye! Don’t forget to bring your wallet!”

While I maybe excited at his continued independence (which would mean less work and more time for me) another part of me wants Evan to stay this age forever since I am afraid that when he gets older he will think it’s just not cool to kiss his mommy anymore.

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  1. Kittymama says:

    Hay, Geri, your post reminded me so much of the good old days when my boys’ world was all innocence and sweetness. I miss the hundred kisses that pepper my cheeks everyday (though Alphonse makes up for this one with sticky, wet ones) and the “I love you’s” and the no-questions-asked kind of trust that comes with this age. Enjoy this time and savor every moment! Teens give me headaches, hehe!

  2. geri says:

    Kittymama, that’s what I heard about teenagers that’s why I am not exactly looking forward to it. But if I look at the guys that I know, I think when they get older, esp when they have kids of their own, they make up for it and become very thoughtful even very protective of their moms. Let’s hope =)

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