Hectic Week Ahead

I am behind in my scheduled blog posts because I am hiding something from my husband. I am throwing for him a surprise birthday picnic party!  =) What he knows is that my filipina friends and I are having a picnic this Saturday. I suspect that he suspects that its for him but aside from that he’s clueless with the details. I am excited and nervous to find out if I could pull this off, excited to bake his birthday cake, make the decors, try/cook new recipes (the only food I am buying are assorted cookies and possibly bread). As you can see I went shopping this morning, more shopping to come. Cooking starts on Thursday. I have frozen Lumpia already. Did I mention that I am really excited about the cake?

I have already reserved picnic tables already at the lakefront. I have hired a babysitter for Evan. Lassoed a filipina friend in helping help me out. I have compiled all the recipes. This is going to be fun. Nervewracking, exhausting but fun.

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2 Responses to Hectic Week Ahead

  1. MC says:

    goodluck! i’m sure it’s going to turn out the way you planned it.

  2. geri says:

    MC, there were a few things I wish I could have done differently but that’s how we learn and improve =)

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