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Super-Bonding With Filipina Friends In Michigan

Over spanish bread and halo-halo I casually told my friends Rose and Cielito that I was going to Michigan to visit Lanie. Almost as an afterthought I asked them, “do you want come along?” Not really expecting them to say … Continue reading

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The Relaxed Vegan

It’s been 7 months since I became a vegan. Well… I am a vegan about 90%. I still eat meat/meat products when going to parties (I don’t like to inconvenience the hostess), eating out in restaurants (when the veggie dish … Continue reading

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10 Facebook Pet Peeves

As many of you know I enjoy my Facebook. But there are times that scanning the feed makes you go “what the… wha?” So here ladies and gentlemen is my list of stuff that would have me hitting the dislike … Continue reading

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