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Running Around Lake Monona

Our condo in Madison overlooks Lake Monona, the smaller of the 2 lakes that flanks the city making it an isthmus. Even before I took running seriously almost 3 years ago, whenever I am at the patio or the porch … Continue reading

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Experiencing Craigslist For The First Time

I’ve bought stuff from ebay many times but never thought of buying anything from Craigslist not until I had a conversations about it on Facebook. It started with me asking where to dispose used baby bottles and a friend suggested … Continue reading

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Got the above Monday. Almost threw it out because I thought it was junk mail. It’s actually the Chicago Marathon participant guide with my ID number on it. Aside from important information, you will need this pamphlet to present in … Continue reading

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Juggling Passions

More than 2 weeks have passed since I last posted an update on this blog. In the 5 1/2 years I have been blogging this is the longest I have been without a new entry. I am tempted to say … Continue reading

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Evan According To Facebook 9/10

I am reposting Evan┬ástatuses from Facebook mostly because I am using Tom’s laptop and I am having a hard time without a mouse. But there’s lots of Evan photos and 2 videos of Evan “reading” though =) ….watched “Ramona and … Continue reading

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