Evan According To Facebook 9/10

I am reposting Evan┬ástatuses from Facebook mostly because I am using Tom’s laptop and I am having a hard time without a mouse. But there’s lots of Evan photos and 2 videos of Evan “reading” though =)

….watched “Ramona and Beezus” with Evan. Had low expectations because I was a big fan of the books (plus, I couldn’t picture a too pretty Selena Gomez as Beezus) but I liked it, Evan loved it. He was smiling almost throughout the entire movie. July 27

…Evan, showing me his new trick, “Look mom! I’m spitting and spinning!” Boys. Sigh. July 29

there’s a pirate in the house! Pirate costume top is from Evan’s cousin which we got from the mail this afternoon. Evan insisted on wearing it right away despite the warm temp. August 2

Evan: when we get bigger we will fight the bad guys!
Me: I will just call the police to catch them.
Evan: but the police will need all the help they can get!
Me: (still thinking of an answer to that). August 3

….Evan walks in at Ace Hardware, stops and looks at the cashier. The cashier says hello. Evan says, “Hi I’m Evan. We need help.” The cashier asks him what she can help him with. He answers, “Our bathtub is icky and daddy did it.” (translation: daddy tried to fix 3 bathroom tiles near the tub and mommy needs suggestions on how to finish the project.) August 10

Day 2 of Evan’s tennis lessons. Evan likes it so much that the first thing out of his mouth this morning is, “I’m ready to go.” Now if he can only hit the ball towards the net instead of the opposite direction with his backhand. August 10

…Yay! Got my order of Guitar sando for Evan in the mail today. We still got a bit of summer weather left for them to be useful! August 20

…had a wonderful time at the Greekfest in Lincoln Square. Surprisingly good food (lamb, greek chicken and souvlaki – all tasty). Evan won 2 stuffed toys at the carnival games and survived his first Frog Hopper =) August 22

…during the drive this morning Evan asked me what Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” song on the radio was about. Time for me to hit the mute button when Eminem or Katy Perry’s “I Kiss A Girl” starts playing. Aug 23

Evan is a Piggie and Gerald fan. Thanks to LeeAnn for introducing us to Mo Willems more than 2 years ago. Evan still thinks his books are a riot. Aug 24

…Evan and I shared yummy crepes with strawberry, banana, raisins, walnuts and nutella wrapped inside for $6 at ****’s for lunch. If you visit **** you should try them out. They have great frozen yogurt too. I heard their salads and wraps are also very good. Aug 30

Meet My New Baking Assistant. job description: assistant “pourer”, mixer, “froster” and, of course, taster. Can you hear him say “I will, I will?” or “Let me help!” September 1

Humoring mom, Evan “reads” another Mo Willems’ for the second time so I can take a video of him. Today

Other Updates: Finally said bye-bye to his blankie. Discovered toilet humor – we made a new rule in the house, he can only say Poo inside the bathroom. Very particular in bookmarking the page he is reading when interrupted. Finally, wanted to choose a certain style of pants he wanted to wear for the day – only because it was stretchable enough to put a light saber in the waistline. Yes, he is now a big Star Wars fan.

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3 Responses to Evan According To Facebook 9/10

  1. emilie says:

    wow! Evan has got talent! he’s a great reader! (with all the voices, expressions and sound effects!) i totally enjoyed your reading Evan. great job!

  2. Kittymama says:

    Please tell Evan he can read me a book anytime! I loved it! :-)

  3. geri says:

    Em, there’s something about this Mo Willem books that inspires him to read aloud =)

    Kittymama, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did =)

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