Experiencing Craigslist For The First Time

I’ve bought stuff from ebay many times but never thought of buying anything from Craigslist not until I had a conversations about it on Facebook. It started with me asking where to dispose used baby bottles and a friend suggested I put it on Craigslist. A wonderful idea I thought. While I would give the baby bottles away, I could sell Evan’s other stuff there too. I have yet to advertise anything though BUT I ended up buying the silver camera below last Saturday.

I have been looking for a camera to buy for Evan ever since he started asking if he could take pictures using mine. A generous friend gave me the Olympus black camera which I have been using for more than 2 years now but it was too heavy for Evan. I browsed in Target for a cheap or even kiddie camera but I was hesitant shelling out $18 (Vivitar) to $25 (Fisher Price) cameras not knowing what the shots would look like when printed out. Plus Vivitar got bad feedback.

While browsing through Craigslist, I thought, why not used cameras? So I found one. A small, light pocket sized one, old but got good reviews. The price when it came out was $330, the owner was selling for $40 (according to the ad he bought a DSLR and wanted to find this a good home). While I can not bring myself to shell out $200 for a new camera when I have an existing one which still works fine. But $40 I can take. And the nicest feature for me are the close-up shots, as demonstrated below with my peanut butter sandwich and apple photo:

Love it!

So now Evan has started practicing with it. Here I am posing for him while waiting for our train during a joyride yesterday:

He still needs to find a good position for his left hand since his fingers are still too short to hold the edges of the camera. But it’ll do. Now I have somebody to take a picture of me while I run, my true motive for buying a camera for him hahaha

The most important tip I got when buying something from Craigslist? Always meet the buyer/seller on a public place and/or bring a companion for your own safety.

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8 Responses to Experiencing Craigslist For The First Time

  1. VAnessa says:

    Good buy Geri, hmmm maybe i can get Mattie the same used camera, he loves to grab my brand new camera to take photos of me and the whole house lol. Nice shot Evan.

  2. Loraine says:

    That was a good buy! You know we bought an 11.5 acres in craig’s list and that’s or first time. we are crazy!

  3. Kittymama says:

    That is a good buy, Geri! A A real camera instead of a kiddie camera will also last longer and be more useful especially when Evan wants to use more advanced features in the future. It looks like Evan’s got a good eye, too. I like his first picture. :-)

  4. momsie says:

    hi ger, i just want to let you know that leni restituto’s mom died last monday of CA. maybe you and your friends could offer prayers for her eternal repose and also your condolence. regards.
    your tito luing was rushed to cebu this a.m. for torn aorta.

  5. Ed says:

    As you know, LA borrows my camera quite often and takes pictures. I’ll have a 100 ‘extra’ pictures when it comes time to downloading if I’m not paying attention. I’ve worried about her dropping it or breaking it but so far she hasn’t. However, after reading this post I’m thinking that I shouldn’t worry at all and do the same thing. She took a picture the other day that I’m sure to post someday on my blog. Like Evan, she does her share of macroscopic photography.

  6. geri says:

    Van, bitaw, if only to take the stress out. Just now Evan banged the camera. Even if it’s only $40 I was still nervous, how much more a brand new one!

    Loraine, 11.5 acres? That is quite something. Is your husband a farmer or is farming a hobby?

    Kittymama, I thought so too. That kiddie camera will probably last him a year – that is, if his interest will even last that long? With this camera, at least I am able to use it too!

    Ma, hope tito Luing is okay. Read about Lene’s mom on Facebook. Will call you.

    Ed, Looking forward to LA’s photo. 100 photos hahaha It’ll be the same thing with Evan. The other day he just walked around with his fingers pressed on the button the whole time – I think he even forgot he was holding the camera. Btw, I took the peanut butter sandwich and apple shot. Evan mostly likes to take pictures of me hahaha

  7. Loraine says:

    hi geri, we hope someday we could produce food from that land. we are not, however, planning to quit our daytime job yet.

  8. geri says:

    Loraine, something to look forward to on a slower paced future =)

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