Juggling Passions

More than 2 weeks have passed since I last posted an update on this blog. In the 5 1/2 years I have been blogging this is the longest I have been without a new entry. I am tempted to say that my schedule has been very full these days (and it is, incredibly so) but the real reason for my silence, whether I like it or not, I am experiencing a blogging burn-out. There are 2 contributing factors to this: the lay-out of this blog and Facebook. Back in my Tabulas and pre-social networking days, on times when I don’t feel like writing a long entry, I can just post an interesting photo with 2 or 3 lines then I’m fine. Doing such won’t be visually pleasing to this site so I mostly do them on Facebook.

If there is one thing I would really love to do blogwise is another major design overhaul. Two weeks ago I got my first PAYING web design assignment (screenshot of preview of the work-in-progress in photo above) and it has me all fired up again to start typing codes and putting the stylus pen into work (the latter is courtesy of Lanie’s generous husband=). Whenever I look at this blog nowadays I just itch to apply the cool things I’ve seen in other websites esp with the use of Flash program.

Speaking of Flash, I’ve long wanted to learn this program but aside from not having the expensive software, my PC doesn’t have the computer power to support it. Then several months ago I read that a library from another suburb has a digital studio that is open for free use to it’s residents. Name any digital/graphic programs and they have it aside from the green room, video cameras etc. Problem is I am not a resident. It was confirmed when I inquired in person. So what did Geri do? I emailed their admin and offered to volunteer in exchange for the use of this much coveted studio, and guess what? I will start next week. Hi-tech digital learning here I come!

Then last Friday when having lunch with a former officemate, I was told that there is a vacant position in the team I used to work with and another officemate (*the power of keeping old friends and networking) told my former boss that I was still looking for a job. So Chris sent a message to my lunchdate that I could apply for my old job back again. Meaning full-time. So I will be typing an application letter and résumé later in the day. Nothing’s definite yet, but the prospect of returning to an 8-5 job has me in a panic mode, there’s so many things I want to do – Tom’s website, Evan’s photo books, compilation of Evan’s videos etc.

Last but not the least, the marathon – LOL. It’s 2-3 weeks away. Yesterday I ran my longest run of 20 miles and thank goodness my running schedule will be tapering off until the d-day.

So I don’t know how to fit everything into my day that’s also divided between caring for Evan, keeping the house, cooking and of course, my understanding husband. If only I could get up at 4am… As I told my mom over the phone, on moments I feel frustrated career/passion-wise because I am kept full doing domestic responsibilities, I just think of my tita Julie in the Philippines raising 6 kids without a maid, who started her business at the age of 47 which eventually became an empire 29 years later.

I would like to believe that all these will eventually come together into one big creative outlet for me. What it is – that I have yet to find out.

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4 Responses to Juggling Passions

  1. Ed says:

    Exercise and the Philippines seems like contradictory things that don’t go in the same sentence. I think in all my time in the RP, I can count the number of natives that I have seen exercising. Of all the Filipinos I know here, I can’t think of one that exercises except for my wife who goes for walks with me. So I applaud you for breaking the mold.

    As someone who used to job before I tore up my knee, I admire your ability to run 20 miles. Even at my fittest with two good knees, I’m not sure I could have done that. I hope you have an excellent marathon experience.

  2. MC says:

    You are worth emulating my dear. I have to get off my fat arse and walk off a bit. Enjoy your busy-ness.

  3. emilie says:

    Wow Din, that’s a lot of stuff! Smart move on volunteering for the chance to use their equipment. Also, goodluck on your possible job (back). (I am already feeling the panic for you too!) how in the world would a job fit into your current planned schedule and activities..but calmed down knowing that you always get to pull these things off. believe it or not (believe na lng para madali :) I’m in the same boat as you in my struggle between work and passion, specially because they are at opposite poles. it’s inpiring to know about your Tita julie..I still have 7+ years then to work on my passion. :)…. Should I say welcome back to your blog? :)

  4. geri says:

    Ed, many of the locals do exercise but mostly at the gym (aerobics, weights, taebo etc). As for outdoors, you’ll probably spot a few joggers very early in the morning, like 4am. From what I’ve read on Facebook, running is quite a fad now in the Philippines, I’ve many friends joining short races. I think that is a wonderful thing. I would love to live in Baguio and run there all day hahaha Re my 20 miles, that almost 3 years in the making Ed, I’m sure you would’ve done it too esp since you’ve done 100 miles on your bike =)

    MC, thank you. Joining a race is a great motivator. You should do it too!

    Em, you are more disciplined than I am in following your passion. The problem is, like me, you have many of them hahaha Maybe we should just believe in reincarnation? lol

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