Evan According to Facebook 10/10

This month’s collection of Evan statuses on my Facebook:

Evan’s first day of school. He walked away from mom like summer break never happened. September 8

Evan’s Question Of The Day: “if the earth shrinks, where will we live?” September 10

Me: Evan, stop rubbing your nose, you will get nosebleed. Evan: Well, I’m wiggling the worms out of my nose. He always has an answer to everything. September 11

While dropping him off to school this morning, Evan jumped from the threshold of his classroom door to the middle of the room… and entire class. Yup, he sure does know how to make a grand entrance. Hope he doesn’t make a grand exit by having a meltdown when I pick him up because he doesn’t want to leave school. September 17

Evan talking over the phone with his lola (grandma) from the Philippines.
lola Lota: “What’s your plan for the day Evan?”
Evan: “My plan for the day is to defeat Doc Ock.” September 18

Evan and I are ditching our usual sked and taking a joyride on the train to Argyle (Little Vietnam) in Uptown Chicago for some eats on this summerlike day (90F for a high). September 23

my big boy – sniff, sniff. October 1

Charlene’s drawing of her and Evan posted in their school wall. October 3

Evan’s drawing of him and his best friend Braden. The teacher thought that Evan was talking about his classmate Braeden. That things in-between the figures? According to Evan those are blasters. October 3

3 Evanisms For Today:
-Evan: Mom, what are you doing? Me: Watching the news. Evan: I am going to watch the news too, I’ll pretend to be a grown-up.
-Evan: Mom, when you get married again I’ll give you a present – it’s called “your new family.” (Tom had a good laugh when I told him this.)
-Evan: Mom when I’m a grown up can I say “darn it” please, please, please? (with head tilted back and hands in prayer position) October 4

I was at my computer when Evan approached me in this and with this question:”is this how you become a Jedi Knight?” October 6“Is this you mama?” Evan asked me while pointing to our wedding photo. “Yes,” I answered. “Are you married??? To daddy???” my son exclaimed in disbelief. And I thought he knew. October 8

Evan calling out to his dad who was leaving for work. Evan:”Do you have your back pack?” Tom: “Yes.” Evan:”Do you have your phone?” Tom:”Yes, I have my phone.” Evan:”Do you have lightning bolts?” His daddy could only chuckle. Today.

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4 Responses to Evan According to Facebook 10/10

  1. Ed says:

    There are some days when I wish I had remembered to pack my lightening bolts!

  2. Kittymama says:

    Where does Evan get all his nifty ideas? He is one smart kid!

  3. MC says:

    pretty funny, keep em coming.

  4. geri says:

    Ed, hahaha

    Thanks Kittymama – these quotes are really precious!

    Thanks MC =)

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