The Almost Vegan Bibingka

But would qualify as vegetarian =) Was itching to cook bibingka when I saw my friend Lanie’s photo of this delicacy made by her friend in Facebook. I love rice cake. The three memorable rice cakes for me are the bibingka in Mandaue (Cebu), the bibingka in our farm in Leyte (during my last visit you can still buy for P1 each) and the bibingka with salted egg usually paired with pancit malabon in Virra Mall (Manila) during christmas season.

Yes, I sure know my bibingkas but the problem was I didn’t know how to cook them. So I did the usual – I Googled it of course. Sure enough I found a promising recipe and it turned out very well (a friend wants me to make more). I was just surprised at the number of eggs used in this recipe. I am sure with some tweaking it could be drastically lessened considering how eggs are an expensive commodity in the Philippines. You can’t certainly sell P1 yet still yummy bibingka with that many eggs.

One most surprising here about the U.S. is how easy it is to whip up pinoy recipes courtesy of canned coconut milk, frozen grated cassavas, frozen grated coconut, ready cut frozen banana leaves etc ingredients that usually would take a long time and use a lot of man power to prepare back home in the Philippines.

Oh, I strongly discourage buying that boxed rice cake mix. You’ll be just wasting your money, time and eggs.

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