Things I Will Do For My Next Marathon

So okay, I am pretty much decided to do another marathon next year. My time of 5:30 seem pretty easy and too tempting to beat. Here’s my plan to how to improve my time next year:

1.) Leg strengthening and more leg strengthening. How does it feel to run a marathon? It’s like doing a squat while running, because that’s the sensation that won’t go away for the last 18 miles.

2.) Lose weight. Lighter is simply just faster but not a good idea to start a diet during the training. Healthy eating play should be established before the training.

3.) Hydrate on the week of the marathon. So I don’t worry of getting dehydrated.

4.) Water stop only every 15 minutes and not at every station.

5.) During a hot race day, avoid getting your feet wet when going under a spray. Wet feet will mean blisters.

6.) Wear a headband or bring a small towel to wipe off sunblock mixed sweat. They sting the eyes.

7.) Do strides and speedwork exercises.

8.) Crosstrain more.

9.) Personally familiarize with the course.

10.) Choose a training program with a 26.2 run (?) – we’ll see.

Photo above was taken on Mile 23. Not bad huh? =)

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