Tom’s Letter To Evan’s Classmates

Every week, a child is assigned to be Star Of The Week in Evan’s Class. He gets to wear a crown, bring his favorite toy, book, a poster of his artworks/photos and a letter from the parents telling his class about the child. This week was Evan’s turn. I made the poster and Tom wrote the letter:

“Dear Evan’s Pre-K4 classmates,

Evan is a very imaginative boy who can transform ordinary things into very interesting ones. Closets become elevators or spooky caves. A staircase becomes mountain with giants at the top. A rake or a flashlight becomes a light saber or a blaster. He can turn himself into Scooby Doo or Obi-Wan Kenobe in the blink of an eye. He likes to play more than he likes to eat or do anything else, fighting pirates to rescue kids who have been captured, or blasting off for outer space to confront the aliens. Sometimes he will be a doctor and tell his mom there are no spiders in her ear. Or, when his dad is on his way to work, he will remind him not to forget his lightning bolts.

Evan is a fast runner and loves to play at the park. Whenever he goes there, he seems to find other kids to play with, even if he hasn’t met them before. He likes to hide and jump and race for hours until he’s too tired to move. He’s never afraid to say hello and introduce himself to other kids. He always seems to get along with everybody and almost never gets hurt when he falls down. Evan really knows how to have fun.

Evan likes to go many places like the beach, Jump Zone, the library and the bookstore with the Legos. He likes to go to the zoo in Madison, Wisconsin and has taken trips to Disneyland, a Laurie Berkner concert, the Philippines and Victoria, Canada. He has eagerly ridden on boats and planes and trains, and just seems to like being in motion no matter how he does it. He notices unusual things and asks questions about them so he can learn about the world. He will pick up a map and ask, where are we? He enjoys going out to restaurants too. Once when we went to a Chinese restaurant, he surprised the waitress by ordering shrimp with monster sauce.

Evan loves books and stories. He wants his mom to read him three stories every night and for his dad to make up a story when the light is out just before he goes to sleep. He will often memorize them so that if mom or dad skip something, he’ll realize it right away. Sometimes he will even make up a story himself, giving his characters funny names and having them go to weird places. He is always curious to know what’s going to happen next in a story. In the scary parts of a cartoon, he sometimes walks backwards all the way into another room, but he never takes his eyes off the screen. It seems he cannot fully rest until the superheroes defeat the bad guys and all the good people can live happily ever after.

Best regards,

Tom and Geri (Evan’s dad and mom)”

When I picked Evan up today, a little girl told me that she liked my note. Coming from another 4 year old – that’s a big deal. Tom, the author, will be happy =)

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5 Responses to Tom’s Letter To Evan’s Classmates

  1. Ed says:

    We have star of the week too but no letters or posters. As a single parent during the week, at least for another 18 months, I’m not sure I could handle all of that.

    Kids are so fun at this age. I almost wish they didn’t have to get any older and go to school all day next year!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, can’t imagine caring for a young child by myself for a long period of time – kudos to you! The sacrifice will be worth it and plus you have memories of Little Abbey at this age to hold in your mind and heart when she’s all grown.

    Yeah, I was feeling a little harassed by the project esp since it was quite busy that week, plus I don’t have a colored printer so I had to go to Kinko’s. But I figured it was still faster to do that than having the photos printed out one by one in the grocery, then laying them out in the poster board and writing down the captions. I was just glad that I had Tom I could delegate the letter to.

  3. Kittymama says:

    This jumped right out the page for me: Evan has 22 first cousins? My son would love to have 22 first cousins but he has only six!

    I love Tom’s letter to the class, Geri. It is written with so much affection and respect for the great young person Evan is.

  4. MC says:

    oh what a nice thing to do at school.

    well, at least there’s one child that likes the note :)

  5. geri says:

    Kittymama, 6 first cousins is also a lot! =)

    MC, I wasn’t even expecting to get a review from a 4 year old with their short attention span!

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