Finding Filipino Children’s Books In Our Library

This was a pleasant surprise. But apparently they only had 5 of them. We checked the 2 out.

This winter season, Evan and I spend most of our times in the library, bookstore and gym (thanks to the daycare!)

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3 Responses to Finding Filipino Children’s Books In Our Library

  1. Ed says:

    We have one tagalog book at home about a turtle, a monkey and a banana tree and I think the turtle is named Matsing. I get them confused so it may be the monkey. The only other books we have are a couple written by a Filipino friend that lives here in town and a couple that I have picked up on the history and folklore of your land. But apparently like Evan, L.A. doesn’t like for me to read books without a lot of pictures.

  2. Loraine says:

    That is cool! I’ll look for Filipino books in my local library…

  3. geri says:

    Ed, the turtle is “pagong” =) Apparently they have a lot of tagalog books in Manila nowadays with english translation. A friend lent me a few. The translations is not very good – too many use of fancy words for small children.

    Loraine, I hope you can find some!

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