Pursuing Another Passion

For someone who almost never missed posting a blog entry every week for 5 years I can most definitely say this new passion is stronger than blogging. It is even stronger than running. For the past weeks it what I have been mostly doing in my waking hour, weekends included. It is Sunday now and I had vowed to take a break, thus I have time for a quick update but for a reason I can’t disclose right now – I can’t yet talk about this passion. But I will soon, I promise – maybe next month.Aside from this passion, I have now started volunteering for a graphic studio in a library nearby us for 2 months now. I love it too. Although sometimes I regret having to interrupt my new passion (told you it’s pretty intense lol) I know it’s healthier for me to have a break and more beneficial too. In the library I am learning a lot of high-tech graphics stuff.

I have long finished creating my first paying website design job but I still want to share this with you. Pretty happy with the turnout – now I want a new portfolio hahaha

And if you’ve noticed (it would be hard not to) I have gone back to a blogging lay-out. Just wanted to make this adjustments since I am anticipating I won’t be able to post lengthy articles for a lot of weeks to come.  This is just one way to encourage me to still keep on posting =)

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3 Responses to Pursuing Another Passion

  1. Ed says:

    I wondered about the lengthy absence. I’m glad it is something addictive and not for other reasons that have come to mind. Can’t wait to learn what it is.

  2. Loraine says:

    Your website designs are really nice. I congratulate you on your new passion. Like Ed, I cannot wait to know what it is.

  3. geri says:

    Thanks Ed and Loraine, I can’t wait to talk about it too. At the moment I am again sidelined with something else – hopefully I’ll get it finalized soon.

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