Evan According To Facebook (Extended Version)

I am 2 months late but here is my compilation of my Facebook statuses mentioning my son’s latest antics.
Oct. 18: where Evan eagerly spends his quiet time. “Don’t exturb me,” he says.

Oct. 18: Evan says he wants to go camping with his dad. “But the bears might eat us,” Tom told the 4 year old. “Well,” our son replied “we will glue the tent door… with mommy’s glue gun.”

Oct. 20: After 2 hours at the park I approached Evan, “C’mon Evan, let’s go, mommy has to go to the bathroom.” He continues to dash around playing. “Okaaay, mom is going to the car!” I warned him. From across the playground he yells, “you can pee behind the bushes!!!” Great.

Oct. 22: Evan’s fire safety tip: “When there’s fire call nine one one one one one.”

Oct. 28: Evan:”Mom, where’s my fireman hat?” Me:”It’s in the car outside” Evan:”Can you please get it?” Me:”Evan, my hair is still wet from the shower let’s wait until it dries because it’s cold outside.” My 4 year old disappears from the room, comes back, climbs behind me and, without saying a word, puts this on top of my head. Hint, hint

Nov. 10: Evan’s favorite toy is my collapsible steamer basket. It’s the spaceship where his Star Wars Lego figures rides in. For tonight it is given the honor of sitting by his bedside while he sleeps.

Nov. 12: While driving in our neighborhood I could hear Evan from the backseat who was looking out the window: “I like this house! And this and this and this and this and this and this…but not the rest – because I am tired of talking.” Good!

Nov. 15: What Evan said first thing upon waking up, “R2D2 where were you when I needed you?” Yes, we are taking a vacation from Stars Wars.

Nov. 15: Evan brought all these books from his room so he can read and be near mom =) Thanks to tita Mette for the books.

Nov. 20: My son was looking pensive so I asked him, “what are you thinking Evan?” He replied, “I was just thinking about that dream I never had.” Is that even possible?

Nov 21: Evan hands me the slip of paper from his fortune cookie. “Someone speaks well of you,” I read to him. “That’s really nice Evan it means somebody is saying nice things about you.” “Yeah,” he chimes in knowingly “like hello???”

Nov. 25: early this morning while Evan was listening to his songs and stories CD I told him, “I am going back to bed. I put cereal and milk on the table…” “Exact case,” he finished for me. Translated to “just in case”.

Nov. 26: My 4 year old has a special request, he wants me to add the song “Dynamite” to my iTouch.

Nov. 29: Me: “Evan you are getting taller, those pants are getting to short for you already.” Evan:”Yeah! Soon I will be wearing daddy’s pants”.
Last week at lunchtime he also declared out of the blue…”in a few days I will be going to college.” Not too fast young man.

Nov. 30: Evan and I were watching this video (Youtube of Taio Cruz’ “Dynamite”) when he remarked, “you know what mom? That’s me (the singer) inside a suit.” “Oh really?” “Yeah, and in a mask too!” I was amused. And when we moved on to another video of 3 girls dancing to the Dynamite song he exclaimed “And now, that’s me in a girl suit!” I’ve never laughed harder.

Dec. 2: Playdate conversation. Evan and friend light-saber fighting. Evan kneels down. “You’re defeated!” his friend declared triumphantly. “No, I am just praying to God… for the most important thing of all. You know what that is?” Evan asked. Silence. “The starship!” Evan answered himself, in a loud conspiratorial whisper.

Dec. 14: I came inside my son’s room when I heard him say, “All right Jesus.” “Who are you talking to?” I asked curiously. “Jesus,” he answered. “What did Jesus tell you?” Evan replied with “he told me to build a boat so I can live somewhere else.” Patay.

Dec. 16: Evan: “When I grow older my little sister will be bigger.”
Me: “But you don’t have a little sister.”
Evan: “Yes I do. You have a seed inside your tummy.”
Kid, you scare me sometimes.

Dec. 20: The other day my 4 year old told me, “Mom, when I grow up I’m going to college, work in the computer, have money and marry Charlene.” Sounded good to me, however this morning he announced, “Mom! I have money to marry Charlene.” Son, that doesn’t even amount to a dollar.

Dec. 28: We were in the bathroom brushing Evan’s teeth when my 4 year old tooted. I chuckled and he turned to me, “did you hear that?”. I asked, “what was that?” He answered, “that is what my butt said.”

Jan. 2: Evan to another 4 year old boy he just met in church: “You know what? This morning I trained myself how to be Luke Skywalker.” Imagination – he’s got plenty.

Jan. 10: While in the middle of getting-ready-for-school-rush I found Evan, who was supposed to be putting his shoes on, sitting in the middle of our coffee table staring into space. “Evan, what are you doing?” I asked exasperated. He answered, “Meditating.”

Jan. 12: Evan to me: “Mom! I want to gargoyle!” He meant gargle.

Last night: While in the middle of his karate lessons Evan loudly observes, “karate is hard!” After their water break he also commented to the whole room, “water is very tasty.” His stern teacher could only chuckle.

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4 Responses to Evan According To Facebook (Extended Version)

  1. MC says:


    Kids do say the darndest things, don’t they?

  2. Ed says:

    As always, I enjoy reading these posts and wish I would remember to jot things down when my daughter says similar stuff.

  3. Kittymama says:

    I always look forward to reading the new things Evan has thought of. He is one funny and smart kid! I think he’ll get along with my three year-old nephew, who, when asked for his full name, replied “Joseph middlename lastname.com!” (Sorry, I have to hide his full name, but that’s always how he says it!)

  4. geri says:

    MC, we never know what to expect with them =)

    Ed, I have one word for you: Facebook. Kidding =)

    Kittymama, hahaha that’s funny. I’ve never heard that before lol

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