More Books For The School Kids

Another balikbayan box full of used books for the elementary public school where our farm is back in the Philippines arrived last October. This time it was donated by a good friend and neighbor here in Chicago.
The principal of the school wanted to do another program on the stage for the Books Turn-Over ceremony like they did the last time but my parents requested that it be a smaller one and be held indoors because they didn’t want the 500 students to be sitting under the sun. So it was held in the principal’s office, with a short program where the principal, my father and a teacher did a short speech and one of the student’s gave a song number. My father, in his talk, told them that they and the donors “would rather have the book’s pages wrinkled because they were used and read rather than have them in pristine condition because they were untouched.”

My friend Lea works for our public library and told me that her officemates helped her collect the books for this donation. I can’t wait to visit the library in the Philippines to see their new collection. My mom has told me now they need additional shelves to accommodate the books =)

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2 Responses to More Books For The School Kids

  1. Kittymama says:

    Those books will do a lot of good, Geri, as books are quite expensive here in the country and inaccessible to many impoverished families. Your kababayans really appreciate this generosity. :-) God bless!

  2. geri says:

    Kittymama, people throw out still practically books here and it twists my heart everytime I see that happen knowing how we appreciate books back in the Philippines. Gathering used books is very easy it’s the paying for the balikbayan box that makes it expensive. Thankfully LBC here has a promo for $55 in the visayas but sometimes it can get as expensive as $85!

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