The Best Coffee Cake Muffin Recipe

I may have mentioned this before, but I prefer the asian version of cake and pastries. Just thinking of the muffins or cookies or cakes in our grocery store or bakery or coffee shops (yeah, even Starbucks, Seattle’s Best even Corner Bakery or Panera or Baker’s Square) is enough to make me shudder at the imagined sweetness.
I can remember back in high school when I was interested in baking my mom said something that western countries (like England and the U.S.) doesn’t have that good tasting dishes because of the abundance of ingredients so there wasn’t really an experiment on getting the right proportion – e.g. pound cake (1 pound flour, 1 lb. sugar, 1 lb. eggs etc. – just throw it all in, mix and bake.)

So for baked goods I much prefer buying them at an asian store or making them myself. But there were a few exceptions, there’s this sugar cookie from our local bakery, or the choco-chip cookie from our Albertson’s, or the Snickerdoodle cookie at Seattle’s Best  or the coffee cake muffin at Dunkin Donuts. The funny thing about Dunkin Donuts I preferred their Philippine doughnuts back in the early 90’s (the Philippines version in 2009 – the last time I was there wasn’t the same either). I find their doughnuts very dry, too sweet and a uniform kind of allspice smell in all of them. BUT their coffee cake muffin is addicting especially with hot tea.

I wasn’t comfortable of driving there constantly with Evan (not a very good example to set for my son) so I scoured the internet for a recipe and found Martha Stewart’s version. It’s soooo good! Just don’t forget to add the cinnamon on the streusel (loooove streusel on apple pies too) because the recipe missed to mention it on the direction. Also don’t overdo the streusel in the middle of the batter because it could make the muffin too oily. I need to get the jumbo muffin pan though.

Making the streusel is a bit of a pain especially if you don’t have a pastry cutter like me, but it’s all worth it. Evan (who doesn’t like too sweet stuff) ate 2 1/2 of these in one sitting the first I baked them. Best taken with tea (to desentisize the tastebuds) because I warn you, one isn’t enough.

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  1. Ed says:

    Unfortunately, I rarely meet a sweet or pastry I haven’t liked. That is why I end up taking all my wife’s pastries that she bakes to work the next day after sampling them. Otherwise I would weigh over a ton by now.

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