Evan Facebook Update Jan/Feb

Time for my Evan Facebook status compilation:

So glad to be out of the house after being holed up for 2 days. Evan had low grade fever, cough and colds – fever was gone the same day. Even Evan was so excited for school that the first thing he said this morning was “I have to get dressed!” and did at lightning speed. =) January 21

This morning I asked my 4 year old, “where do you want to go today?” Evan answered “I want to go to the avatar state.” (for Emilie, Heather and all you The Last Airbender fans). January 22

I was very surprised to find the usually vacant parking area near church by *** university had only one spot left this morning. I wondered aloud to my 4 year old “The parking lot is full Evan, I don’t know what’s going on.” Evan replied, “maybe we can check the website.” Excellent suggestion. January 23

Evan’s teacher told me this morning that my son claims to have an Uncle Jackson who lives in Mexico. The only Jackson I know is Michael. January 24

Before dropping Evan off for playdate, I briefed him: “Remember to play nice okay?” Evan:”I know.” Me:”Don’t be cranky.” Evan:”I know.” Me:”And don’t get mad when mom picks you up.” Evan:”I know. I know eeeevvverything you don’t want me to do.” Poor guy.
January 27

Evan wanted me to put his hair up like this. I asked him if he was Prince Zuko or Sokka. He said both. The blue golf club behind him? That’s Sokka’s boomerang. Jan 28

Evan had so much fun with his cousin Katie babysitting him last night that at 4am he peeked out of his door, called “Katie?” then checked if she was still in the living room (we could hear him walking) and went back to his bedroom to sleep when he saw she wasn’t there. Thanks again Katie! January 29

Another photo of Evan/Zuko/Sokka with his sword (golf club) and shield (laundry basket cover). Jan 30

When I told Tom that my son’s friend Charlene was going to have a piano recital my husband told our 4 year old, “we have to get you playing a musical instrument soon.” “Yeah,” Evan agrees, “like the tuba.” Uhmmm… no. February 5

Dinnertime last night.
Me: Evan tell dad who cooked the miso soup.
Evan: I did!
Tom: Oh yeah? Are you going to be a chef?
Evan: And a Jedi too!
Yes Tom, don’t ever forget the Jedi part.
February 7

This afternoon.
Evan: Mom, I love you.
Me: I love you too baby.
Evan: Mom, I’ll miss you.
Me: Why? Where are you going?
Evan: To my room.
Talaga naman.
February 10

Tom to me: I met our neighbor at the writer’s workshop, you know, Trish’s friend.
Evan: Is she pretty?
Me: Evan, you only ask dad when I am not here.
February 12

I was puttering around the house when I saw this. Can you guess? Yeah, Evan meditating. Feb 19

“Hi Charlene,” my husband greets Evan’s friend who was over for a playdate this morning. Evan proceeds to introduce him to her, “Charlene this is my dad Tom.” Tom chuckles and tells his son, “I know Charlene.” Charlene to me, “are you married to him?” We are a regular comedy show. February 21

Evan gets mad too if his daddy doesn’t wake him up when leaving for work and miss this morning ritual. Yesterday

Other Evan anecdotes I didn’t write in Facebook:

– In school Evan’s classmate told us a Knock, Knock joke. Bridget: Knock, knock. Me: Who’s there? Bridget: Who. Me: Who who? Bridget: Are you an owl?

“I have a knock, knock joke too,” Evans volunteers. “Okay,” I said. Evan: Knock, knock. Me: Who’s there. Evan: A dog went to the toilet, hahahahaha! Me: Sigh.

– The other day Evan’s teacher said my son had an argument with another boy because the latter crashed the blocks Evan built. My 4 year old told his teacher he needed to go to the other room “to meditate”. Mrs. S told me when Evan came back he had calmed down and was fine.

– A lunch conversation with me and Evan. Me: “who’s the best girl in school?” Evan: “Charlene.” Me: “Who’s the prettiest?” Without a word Evan points at me. I think somebody deserves a new Lego for answering correctly.

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  1. Ed says:

    My daughter is really into knock knock jokes but unfortunately all her knock knock jokes are just like Evan’s version. Evidently understanding the humor behind a knock knock joke is beyond a four year old.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, Tom has told me to get Joke books for Evan from the library since he seems to be on the “telling jokes” stage now.

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