My Two Valentines

Sunday, the day before Valentine’s Day, after we had gone sledding I walked to the grocery store to buy mostly stuff Tom needs. That was why I was surprised that after the 5:30 mass my husband told me he needed to go to the store. “Why, what for?” I asked confused since I thought that we had all the things we needed (I happened to have gone to the different stores about 5 times that week). Sheepishly he answered, “To get you a card.”
Evan and I proceeded to get chinese take-out (we were supposed to have dinner on Monday) and when we got back home I had flowers waiting for me =)

Last Friday, I was at my computer when Evan got a hold of my little notebook. He said he was going to write a note for me, which was unusual thing in itself because he is not much into writing, drawing, coloring or scribbling. After a couple of minutes he comes back and hands me a page torn from my notebook. “What does it say?” I asked my 4 year old. “It says, I love you, ” was his answer. What do you know, if I just add the letter L and read it backwards it would spell the word “Love.”

Small joys.

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3 Responses to My Two Valentines

  1. MC says:

    How wonderful. I hope you’ll have that framed :)

  2. Ed says:

    I feel for Tom. It is hard for us husbands to surprise our wife at times. Fortunately for me the last two years, my wife has been away during the week allowing me ample time to get the necessary Valentine paraphernalia.

  3. geri says:

    MC, I should have a photobook na!

    Ed, at least there’s a positive side with Mrs. Abbey being out of town =)

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