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Evan’s Reading Lesson Today

Here is a video of Evan reading one of the pages of his Learn-To-Read book for the first time. Some part of the video was edited because Evan is still working on his “focusing”, he has the tendency to go … Continue reading

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The Big Mommy Project

I am in the middle of a huge mommy project. It might mean I will not be able to post regularly. I will let you on the secret when it’s done on early September or late August. Yes 6 labor … Continue reading

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The Makings Of A Priest?

I wrote a potentially long emotional post yesterday but decided not to revisit it today. I decided instead to post a video of my almost 5 year old doing his latest thing which never fails to crack us up everytime: … Continue reading

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Another Vegan Book To Like

For this Lenten season I found myself having this need to purify my body from several things. So I am trying (trying is the keyword) to abstain from Facebook, from the internet (limiting to 1 hour a day), from soda … Continue reading

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Evan Counts In Filipino

My 4 year old had to learn to count in Japanese for his karate class. His pre-school also taught him to count in spanish. My filipino pride couldn’t take it that he knows how to do it in these languages … Continue reading

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