Another Vegan Book To Like

For this Lenten season I found myself having this need to purify my body from several things. So I am trying (trying is the keyword) to abstain from Facebook, from the internet (limiting to 1 hour a day), from soda and from meat. And when I was at the bookstore I saw this:The author is the other half of the “Skinny Bitch” book, which took off and became popular when a report came out that Victoria Beckham was reading it – 2 to 3 years after publication. I thought it was just all hype so I never took interest until I saw this cookbook and the one dish on the cover. Here it is on the inside page:While I am not a die-hard beet fan, but the thought of it with vegan cream cheese, glazed walnuts and greens have my mouth watering. The book warned that this dish is a little time-consuming to prepare so I have not gotten around making it yet, although I have already tried out the tofu-corn on the cob-pepper breakfast fritata and this:That’s butternut squash soup, with vegetable broth, apple, agave nectar, onion etc. I think squash has to be my favorite vegetable of all – that’s because it doesn’t taste like vegetable, hehehe. My favorite squash dishes are ginataang calabasa (squash with coconut milk and string beans), squash with miso and yellow mung beans and, most of all, pureed squash soup:I remember the first time I tasted pureed squash soup, it was at my tita Sefing’s house when I was still working in Manila. It seemed very simple, just butter, onion and squash but to me it seemed like was the most delicious food I had tasted in years. However, trying to replicate it was a disaster. This was my second attempt at this soup, and at my first taste after I scooped a spoon inside the blender, I simply had to close my eyes in bliss.

This book is actually a lot easier to follow than Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Life” cookbook and a little less strict – it has more recipes that uses more flour (but still unbleached all purpose, can’t wait to try the crepes), evaporated cane sugar (instead of just maple syrup) and more out-of-the can beans (although I do like beans from scratch myself). There are around 6-8 recipes in the books that I am a little excited to try out before this library book’s due date and I hope they are keepers.

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2 Responses to Another Vegan Book To Like

  1. Loraine says:

    I saw this book in the library. I was intrigued. Now, I will borrow it, definitely. I also try to cut down my meat consumption but it is difficult.

  2. geri says:

    Loraine, I hear you, esp when choices are so limited with veggie only meals. Plus it’s really a different mindset especially on spur of the moment meal planning!

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