Evan Counts In Filipino

My 4 year old had to learn to count in Japanese for his karate class. His pre-school also taught him to count in spanish. My filipino pride couldn’t take it that he knows how to do it in these languages and not my own so I had him learn how too:
It was a pity that he had hiccups that time it was taken, but this was shortly after the moment when he perfected counting the numbers 1-10 without skipping on anim (6) and going directly to siyam (9). We have started progressing to labing-isa, labing-dalawa (11, 12) and so forth, I couldn’t help but be amused at how his tongue twisted at the long words.

Encouraged, I have started teaching him conversational filipino (tagalog) the past week. My goal is for him to eventually learn to read in filipino and understand tagalog movies. Speaking it too would be awesome. We’ll see how this would go. So far Evan is indulging mom in learning our secret language.

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2 Responses to Evan Counts In Filipino

  1. Ed says:

    We had high hopes of teaching our daughter tagalog but with my wife being gone most of the week, that has been simmering on the back burner for now. My daughter knows quite a few of the body parts in tagalog and a few other misc words but that is about it. Kids are such sponges when it comes to learning. I wish I was that way again.

  2. geri says:

    That’s so true, I have this image of ramming all the books I borrow from the library into my head and my head will open up to swallow them. Wish my brain was like a sponge like an almost 5 year old =)

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