Evan’s Reading Lesson Today

Here is a video of Evan reading one of the pages of his Learn-To-Read book for the first time.

Some part of the video was edited because Evan is still working on his “focusing”, he has the tendency to go off-topic. But he is doing great, we are already halfway of this very thick book. Hopefully we will be done before the book’s second due date. I was already thinking of progressing to regular books when we’re through but he beat me to it this morning. He was already reading by himself a new Mo Willems book when I walked into his room.

Evan gets a kick when I tell him that when his mommy and daddy were his age we couldn’t read words yet.

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4 Responses to Evan’s Reading Lesson Today

  1. emilie says:

    Wow! Evan, I’m impressed! That is a lot of words to read! you know your punctuations better than me too. :)

  2. Ed says:

    I don’t know what to say other than that is incredibly awesome! There is still quite a bit of focus maturity differences between Evan and my daughter with Evan coming out quite a bit ahead. I constantly have to battle with my desire for my daughter to read and not forcing her to do something she isn’t ready for. I’m hoping perhaps when preschool ends here in a month and a half, that she might be more receptive to going through that book. I think I need to show this video of Evan to her and perhaps that might inspire her to want to learn to read.

  3. Kittymama says:

    Way to go, Evan! You’re a great reader!

  4. geri says:

    Thank you tita Emilie – he likes the reading “game” (as we call it) because he can watch a movie afterwards hehehe

    Ed, I don’t know about the focus maturity but then again it’s hard to compare Evan with his classmates because most of his classmates are older by a few months – that could be a case for little Abbey too. I bet Little Abbey will just take to this book as soon as she’s ready.

    Thanks Kittymama, we practice several pages a day mostly because we have to return the library book hehehe

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