The Big Mommy Project

I am in the middle of a huge mommy project. It might mean I will not be able to post regularly. I will let you on the secret when it’s done on early September or late August. Yes 6 labor intensive months (I might have have to get up earlier too just to fit them in). I am also taking online classes which I hope to finish in a month, that’s why I am trying to put in 2 hours a day. So my schedule is full in the most exciting way. Wish me luck,

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2 Responses to The Big Mommy Project

  1. Ed says:

    Well my first guess at a huge Mommy Project was a sibling for Evan but that takes a little longer than six months so good luck at what ever it is. We are going to be undergoing some massive changes in our lives but fortunately, it will probably be spread over a year and a half so we can have some time to enjoy it.

  2. geri says:

    hahahah, nooooo. If it was that – this mommy project wouldn’t even in the planning hahaha A year and a half will fly by fast. I certainly can’t wait to see how my project will be at that time too. Here’s to good massive changes! =)

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