The Makings Of A Priest?

I wrote a potentially long emotional post yesterday but decided not to revisit it today. I decided instead to post a video of my almost 5 year old doing his latest thing which never fails to crack us up everytime:

Would you believe I first heard of this new prayer he learned in school when Evan was talking in his sleep early in the morning (just when I was about to wake him up). Complete with actions and confusion of the actions, lol. Nowadays he never fails to say this prayer before his meals and even the littlest snacks too – including potatos chips I gave him to eat while inside the car. Basically, any food that is put in front of him. Our last prayer before meal was in a breakfast place while we were out having brunch this morning.

This video were taken, spontaneously. I was in the kitchen and heard him about to say this prayer before eating his toast. The fortune cookie, was when I was in front of the computer. It was a good thing he obliged when I tell him to stop and continue as soon as I got the videocam ready.

Do note that we really don’t talk about religion, Jesus or God as often as what my posts about Evan and this video might seem to portray. Most of the religious stuff he learns from his catholic pre-school. This is something I will miss when he goes to public school this fall. Well, there’s always Sunday school at our church.

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2 Responses to The Makings Of A Priest?

  1. Ed says:

    I have really fallen in love with the Catholic preschool our daughter attends. So much so that we will probably enroll our daughter in a Catholic grade school when my wife is done with her residency assuming that she accepts the job offer in that town.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, they certainly have their charm!

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