Desperate Measures

Making the reunion movie almost endlessly in catching the deadline gave one of my hands a near-carpal tunnel like syndrome from working the mouse. Problem is even when the movie is done I can’t afford to give my hand a rest from computer work because I am running behind my mommy project (yes, I have to work even on Sundays).

Solution? Lucky for me I am partially ambidextrous:

I have mentioned before that I am left-handed but that is actually half-true, although I write and draw with my left hand all other activities I use my right: scissors, knife (although with the exacto knife I use my left), bowling, basketball, using the whisk, sweeping, using the mouse… Although with the latter I can use the left hand with no problem, the only reason why I use the right is that the cursor/arrow points leftwise which is visually awkward when using the left hand. BUT for the next few days, this is something I would just have to do. I’ve had a bad carpal tunnel when Evan was a baby and it IS painful, I don’t want that again.

Okay, just a weird fact about me. I had to post something satisfy my blogging craving hehehe

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