Evan April Update

March 1: On our way back home from his karate class I heard my son muttering in the back seat. “So did you enjoy your class today Evan?” I asked to start a conversation. “Shhhh be quiet,” I was told. “I am telling a story to myself.” Oh, okay.

spider face painting mommy did

March 2: Bedtime. Evan:”When I am old I will be very excited to go to heaven – so I can meet you there.” Me: “Only when you’re very, very, very old.”

March 8: Tom explaining to Evan his wisdom tooth surgery for Thursday: The dentist will take out the tooth because it’s infected. Evan: Let me see! Tom: You can’t see it because it’s under my gum. Evan: Why did you swallow a gum?

March 9: Evan to me: “Did you wear pajamas in the library?”

March 10: At the dentist Evan spent the whole time doing activity books. Not the iPod.

March 11: Evan read the word “landfill” in the trash can.

Batman drawing he did in school. That round thing is Batman’s cape.

March 15: Me teaching tagalog to Evan: “say ako si Evan”. Evan: “Ako Si Ironman.”

March 16: has taken to say grace before meals even during the smallest snacks.

March 17: during our reading lessons for the word “wine” I commented, “that’s daddy’s favorite word.” Evan: “sometimes I do that too.”

March 19: I was in another room when I heard Evan calling me. Somehow, I couldn’t distinguish his words even if I asked him to repeat it. So I finally had to approach him and ask him again. “What is it Evan?” I asked. “My dibdib hurts.” No wonder I didn’t understand him, I wasn’t expecting a tagalog word in there.

Evan window shopping online for his birthday gift.

March 22: Prayer before snacks and chips, and pickels, and chocolate square and banana…

April 7: Evan talking to himself while having breakfast, “I want you to know that today I love everybody.” Me: “Who are you talking to Evan?” Evan: “to God and Jesus.”

April 13: commenting on my horizontally striped blue and white shirt, “your shirt looks like what bad guys would wear when they are in jail.”

April 14: Evan: when I grow up I wanna be just like Dad.

April 17: Evan to me in the car, “Mom, when you go to heaven when you’re really, really, really old – I will change my mind.” Me: “What will you do Evan?” Evan:”I will not be a human being anymore… I will be a hero.”

April 18: Still says prayer before snacks and chips, and pickels, and chocolate square and banana etc…

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3 Responses to Evan April Update

  1. MC says:

    Oh he’s funny, especially about the dibdib part. And yah he tells himself a story :)

    What happened to your cat? Do you still have it?

  2. Loraine says:

    He is very cute and funny. By the way, you have a good voice.

  3. geri says:

    MC, yeah our cat is still much alive. I should blog about his changes – who knew at his age (almost 11 years old) he can still change =)

    Loraine, uy thank you, and here I was thinking about my wrong grammar (lego – should be with an S hehehe)

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