Evan And Mom

My friend Rose called last Tuesday and she wanted to spend the afternoon practicing her new hobby – photography. She couldn’t have found a more willing model in me and Evan. Good photos of me with my son are rare since I am the “photographer” in the family. When I saw a preview of the photos on the LCD screen, I told Rose that she has just given me one of the best Mother’s Day gift:
I was reluctant to do the jumping pose in the last photo since I find this to be a filipino overkill “pose” in Facebook, young and old alike. Plus, I am already 40 years old, I would feel a tad silly plus who knows I might get a slip disc doing it. But complying with the photographer’s request was the least I can do for the huge favor my friend has given me. Turned out to be one of my favorites and some of my Facebook friends too =)

Motherhood to this young child is without a doubt the most wonderful stage of my life. I am grateful for the privilege and to have these photos to remember it by.

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2 Responses to Evan And Mom

  1. MC says:

    that is indeed a precious gift.

    i don’t understand what is it about jumping in all of them photos on fb?

  2. geri says:

    MC, re: jumping are you asking me what I meant or is that your reaction too =)

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