Picking Up The Piano Pieces Again

Who knew that after 23 years I would be back to playing the piano again. When I asked my husband for a keyboard as a gift, it was originally intended for my son – since that what mom’s do, we always put our children first.

I played the piano when I was 8 years old and took piano lessons until 4th year high school. I eventually became good at it that I had my solo recital at 17 years old. I have even applied at St. Scholastica’s College for a music degree majoring in Piano and was accepted. If I was back in the Philippines, I would be well qualified to teach young students piano. So I thought I might as well teach Evan and save $20-$30 per 30 minute lesson.

I also figured if Evan doesn’t really like it (so far he does, knock on wood) the keyboard won’t be going to waste because I’ll probably fiddle with it, buy some pop music sheets, sing my favorite songs and mess around with the keys when I have time to spare. I had no¬† intention of going back to the classical music pieces since I am well aware of how much time it needs to be able to play them well. When I was still a piano student, I started putting in 30 minutes for piano practice everyday and gradually increased it to 2 hours as my solo recital loomed near (for the latter I had to memorize and master 6 classical pieces). As a mom and soon to be working mom (I hope) in America, time is what I don’t have.

My mom has always gently urged me every now and then to take up piano playing again but how could I do that here? We live in the 3rd floor with no elevator. The thought of the mover’s fee alone is discouraging enough. It wasn’t until I started looking into keyboards and I discovered that there are models that have the full 88 keys, that not only sounds like a real piano but the keys feels like one too (touch sensitive). So my mom might get her wish after all.

When the keyboard arrived, I immediately started playing Natasha’s Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” and Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song”. But it wasn’t until I pushed the demo button and strains of Chopin’s Nocturne Op 9-2 started filling the room that I felt that the keyboard was really for me after all. I just knew that one day I had to master that and the other pieces someday. At heart I am a classical pianist.

I still don’t have 2 hours a day, just 30 minutes the most – right in between washing of the dishes, my son’s bedtime and my time with my husband. But it’s that 30 minutes that I look forward to, where I can unwind and relive the memories of the 15 year old carefree me back in the Philippines.

Thank you Ma for not letting me forget.

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4 Responses to Picking Up The Piano Pieces Again

  1. Ed says:

    One of my fondest desires it to learn how to either play the piano or the guitar well sometime before I die. I’ve taken a few lessons at both and I think the guitar is my best shot. Now I just need to make the time to learn.

  2. Loraine says:

    You are just very artistic, Geri. I wish I could play piano. We have a pinao that my in-laws gave us. No one plays. My husband knows the basic. He is a trumpet player. We have a pact that Benji should have a piano lesson. I hope he will like it.

    Evan is so lucky to have you as a mom.

  3. momsie says:

    thank you, ger! watching you at the piano brings back memories. you used to be dead set on pursuing a career in piano…

  4. geri says:

    Ed, the nice thing about the guitar is that you can carry it around with you. If I had taken guitar lessons I wouldn’t have stopped playing… Another to do list once you retire – wait, it doesn’t have to be that far too long since Little Abbey is going to kindergarten too =)

    Loraine, I was 8 when I started piano lessons – but I think 6 would be ideal although Evan has shown interest at almost 5. Benji is also lucky to have parents like you who is thinking about this this early – maybe he would like to play the trumpet too =)

    Momsie, I am happy you finally got to watch it! Yeah, everytime I play I think of our house downstairs with you either listening from the bedroom or in the sala or the relatives playing mah jong =)

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