Evan, The Graduate

I didn’t know that they have a graduation for pre-school but apparently it depends on the schools here. Since Evan won’t have a graduation for kindergarten next year, it was good that he was able to experience it then.It was surprisingly a little emotional for me. Not the he’s-getting-bigger emotional but more like the I-am-going-to-miss-the-people-in-his-school emotional. Probably because I was very involved with his activities and have gotten to know his teachers, classmates and some parents, they have become more than just nodding acquaintances to me.I soon found out that I wasn’t alone in my emotions, after the slideshow presentation of photos which ended with a message “we will miss you all”, I saw one mom whose eyes and nose were suspiciously red. I remembered that her daughter would be going to a different school next year too, just like her older son did. Even Evan’s teacher’s eyes started welling up when Evan said good-bye to her. Evan was her first batch of student and he was under her for two years. I had to avert my eyes or else I would be bawling if I didn’t.

My son, on the other hand, was pretty nonchalant about it. As I was reviewing the video clips I’ve taken in their song presentation (they did 4), I was amused to have caught his daydreaming only to be “woken up” when his classmates started singing. I had to laugh when I read the caption on his graduation hat, “Missile Mouse” is a new character of a graphic novel he recently discovered from the library.

We celebrated the special day by having the most delicious halo-halo at a nearby filipino ice cream parlor and a trip to the park with his best/girlfriend Charlene. It was a very special day for all of us.

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  1. Ed says:

    I guess we were lucky because our daughter had a graduation ceremony this year and last year. For me, the most memorable part of it was the slideshow where I got to see my daughter when she was away from me, something that doesn’t happen too often. Our children are growing up fast and I for one am not ready for Kindergarten this fall even if my daughter wishes it would start tomorrow.

    Congrats to Evan!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, I still don’t understand a pre-schooler graduating twice though, was little Abbey’s class a mix of 3 and 4 year olds? Congratulations to little Abbey too! Is she going to a Catholic school for Kindergarten? Surprisingly it seems that Evan doesn’t have classmates who will go to his school district but fortunately his best friend, a few kids from our neighborhood and a friend from the gym will be going to his new school.

  3. MC says:

    First off congratulations Evan.

    I wonder if preschool graduation is more for the parent’s sake than that of a child’s. It’s a fun ceremony, but do the kids really need this? (spoken by a childless)

  4. geri says:

    MC, I would think so too but you know graduation is an opportunity for the parents to talk with the kids about the big change the child is going to have for the next year – new classmates, new teachers, new schedule (longer for most) and for us, new school. Kindergarten will come new responsibilities – imagine, a big change for me is dropping him in the school’s gate and not at his classroom door anymore, that and homework. Graduation is also saying goodbye to his friends and teachers with a bang. Their last special activity together.

    I also think that when somebody congratulates a 5 year old for graduating – it’s not really because of his achievements academic wise since at this age they are not graded, but more like of it being a milestone. Especially when it’s his first graduation.

    So I think it’s not really for the parents because kids can always have other programs that is not graduation but it’s really for them. But still I couldn’t help but feel sentimental about but mainly with the people who partly took care of my little boy in the last 2 years =)

  5. Ed says:

    I think the 3 year old graduation was more of a sympathy graduation so they would feel just as important as the 4 year old graduation which was going on at the same time. They do the 3 year old’s first followed by the 4 year olds. They pretty much just get up and sing a few songs, get their diplomas, pose for a picture and they’re off.

    Where we currently live, the only option is public school but more than likely, a year from now my wife will be working in a town where there is a private Catholic school and I suspect our daughter will be going there for 1rst grade. Fortunately, she has three classmates going to kindergarten with her and one of her better friends who goes to the same daycare is in kindergarten there this year so she won’t be alone. But I wouldn’t worry about Evan, kids seem to make new friends at the drop of a dime unlike us old folks!

  6. geri says:

    I laughed at the term sympathy graduation, that is too cute. Little Abbey is lucky to have friends going to kindergarten with her. Yeah, I think Evan will find new friends that he will enjoy as much as his old ones =)

  7. Kittymama says:

    Sympathy graduation or not, congratulations, dear Evan! I hope to still be around to see you graduate from high school and college. :-)

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