Evan June Update

I can’t believe that my last Evan update was April. Things have been busy around lately that I haven’t had time to jot down Evan quotes, but here are a few from May, June and July.
April 29 Evan greeting our cat upon arriving home from school: “Hi Wapshot, I had a good day today.” =)

May 1 “When I grow up I am going to have a house like that,” my 4 year old told me while pointing to a large, charming house in our neighborhood, “you can live with me if you want.” “That’s really nice Evan but what if your wife doesn’t me there?” I asked. “You can stay for a short while,” he answered. He knows his priorities. Poor mommy.

May 3 Evan to our cat: You know Wapshot, I learned today that pirates have pet parrots. And monkeys too.

May 11 at the Kindergarten meet and greet this afternoon, one of the teachers introduced herself to my son and his blonde best friend Braden. Evan tells the teacher, “we are not twins.” Don’t worry Evan, I think nobody will make that assumption =)

May 28 Before going inside our building after our walk, Evan wanted to sit on the grounds to admire the vines climbing on the brick walls and to “let’s talk.” So we did. “When I am 15, I am going to build a machine and become a hero,” he began, “I will also turn our house into a portal. You know what a portal is? It is a program that will let you turn into any hero you want.” I honestly don’t know where he gets this stuff.

May 31 Over lunch. Charlene: “For our graduation I am going to wear a flower dress, a sweater that I can roll the sleeves, pink shoes, a ponytail, a clip for my hair and a heart necklace with a small cross in it.” Me: “What about you Evan, what are you going to wear for graduation?” Evan:”A super suit!”

May 31 At his karate class this afternoon Evan was told by his teacher to stand in a dot (marker) in the front row instead of the second where he was used to since he was wearing a yellow belt already. Except Evan didn’t stop at the front row but innocently proceeded to take the spot reserved for the teacher. Lucky for him the teacher found it funny.

June 9 Evan was reading aloud a comic book when he came upon the word “reverse”. I asked him if he knew what it meant, he replied, “yes, it means ‘to turn back’ “. It’s amazing what a 5 year old mind is capable of comprehending.

June 11 Evan’s highlight for the day is getting to sit on a real helicopter but I think he enjoyed the speedboat better.

June 18 While walking to the fair in our neighbor we came across a scantily clad older woman. “She’s got big boobs,” Evan innocently commented. What? Five year olds notice this kind of stuff already & where did he get the word boobs? “What did you say Evan?” I had to make sure. “She’s got big boots,” he pointed to the lady’s knee high boots walking farther away. Ah okay, mommy was just a little deaf.

June 19 My 5 year old surprised me by running the entire 1 miler on his first race. He did stop for a brief water break (note to self: don’t give him jelly beans beforehand without water next time). It was an awesome start to Father’s Day.

June 24 spent the morning practicing his scooter and had lunch al fresco by the lake, entertaining mom by reading aloud Prairie Home Companion jokebook and here he is modeling for a photo (edited version) for mom to use in her class. Should be doing this more often this summer!

June 28 Evan watching me put on make-up: “Only ladies put on lipstick, not humans.” Errr, what exactly are you implying son?

June 29 For the first time today, Evan didn’t want to go inside the ladies room. “Girls, yuck!” he exclaimed. I guess it didn’t help that he was going to share it with college aged girls in swimsuits (we were are the beach).

July 2 On our way back from my sister-in-law’s party in Indiana, Evan chatted with a 5 year old girl on the train. I even heard him ask for her number. When we got home we asked him what her name was. When he said he didn’t know, I told him that should be the first thing he should remember. “Well, I have a small brain,” was his reply.

16 minutes ago so proud of her brave little boy, at the doctor’s clinic he didn’t cry when they drew blood from his arm (routine lead testing), inside elbow part. Mommy was more nervous than him lol

Five year old Evan is a lot of fun. He spends his day alternating between reading and playing with his Legos and in the afternoon watching 40 minutes of Ben 10. Of course, he’s as sweet as ever, never too shy in declaring his spontaneous “I-love-yous” in public and always greets me like a delighted puppy when I come home from work. If only all kids were born 5 year olds, I’ll have a dozen of them.


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  1. MC says:

    oh so funny. prairie home companion has a jokebook? now I have to get me one :)

    love that he’s sharing his day’s events with the cat :)

    love the big boobs story.

  2. geri says:

    Yes, they do, it’s a really good joke book too. It’s funny to hear the “Your Mama” jokes especially when it’s read by Evan. He doesn’t get almost all of the jokes but he laughs because I am laughing =)

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