Summer In Chicago

You can’t drag my husband away from Chicago (well except,  for some weekends to our second home in Madison) during the summer for the reason that winter is quite long here and you can really enjoy the city during the summer. Of course, I’ll have spring weather anytime but the fun outdoor stuff really happens during the summer.

Case in point, the weekend after the July 4th (where we got front row seats to the fireworks at the beach, just a few feet from the shoreline while picnicking with friends) we went to enjoy the fountain in downtown Chicago’s Millenium Park. The day after was the Block Party where Evan got to play outside the streets from 1pm until 8 in the evening.

We even got a good live band for the block party, how cool is that?

If I had to do anything differently, I will be joining Evan in braving the blast cold water from the fire truck next year.

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3 Responses to Summer In Chicago

  1. MC says:

    who is evan’s girl friend?

    that block party looks fun. they never do that kind of thing around these parts :(

    chicago is in my list of must-sees, which time is best – keeping in mind i don’t perform well under heat + humidity.

  2. Ed says:

    The fountain and cloudgate are always on our list of stops when we are in Chicago. Our daughter really loves playing in the fountain. Hope you are enjoying this hot weather we are sending your way. The last three days I’ve been floating in my daughter’s pool just as much as her trying to stay cool. If that fire hydrant had been spraying along my block today, I would have been in the spray block party or not!

  3. geri says:

    MC, that’s Evan’s long-term relationship ever since he was 7 months old and the girl at 8 months. I always look forward to our block party – I put it down in our calendar way in advance, hopefully your neighborhood will eventually have one and then it will grow. Best months for you to visit Chicago late May, early June and September. Those are the best months for me.

    Ed, how’s the weather up there lately? I don’t like the 80’s but after that heat dome lower 80’s we are having recently certainly feels wonderful.

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