The Piano Lessons

I started teaching Evan how to play the piano a little bit more than 2 months ago. It was a rough start. First, I had to search for the book, I looked at about four before I found the right one for Evan. Then there was setting of the schedule. Sometimes for a week or two we didn’t play at all, especially when I started the summer job.

Also I had forgotten the little things that is important in piano playing and the difference with starting the lessons as an 8 year old (like I did) compared to someone who is 5. For example, not slouching, sitting still, wrist up, what to do with the other hand when it’s not playing, no elbows on the keyboard, keeping other fingers curled, not talking during the lessons, short attention span etc. Even using the thumb to play was difficult in the beginning, finding the C key, playing with all the fingers successively…

But we made progress. We found the right schedule that works for us, every morning after breakfast 15 minutes a day – which we stuck to for 2 weeks now. Before I knew it there are only 3-4 pages left and we will be done with the first piano book. I believe there really is a big difference between having 15 minutes of lessons a day compared to the two 30 minutes of lessons and three 30 minutes practice a week I did when I started in the second grade. At this stage it will be pointless to have Evan practice on his own anyway.

I can’t wait to see where Evan will be at with his piano lessons 2 months from now.

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