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Mi Hijo Goes To Kindergarten

I sent my 5 year old off to Kindergarten with conflicted emotions. Today will be the start of me being separated from my son for the longest period. Five days a week, six and a half hours a day. For … Continue reading

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Freelancing And The Babysitter Pool

What they say about the best laid plans often going awry is true. I had thought that this summer will be taking it easy, making the most of mommy and Evan time before he goes to kindergarten and when school … Continue reading

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The Amigo Movie

A good american movie about the Philippines and shot in the Philippines is hard to come by but my husband mentioned to me last night about this well reviewed film by John Sayles titled: “Amigo”. It already opened yesterday but … Continue reading

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Evan Plays 5 Songs

I promised my mom over the phone this afternoon that I was going to post this video of Evan playing 5 songs on the piano. She has trouble getting into Facebook lately that she hasn’t seen this clip that I … Continue reading

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Two Things

Thing 1: The weather has been crazy lately in our area. Aside from the heat dome we’ve have had short strong storms the past weeks. To illustrate how unusual it is, we’ve had 2 trees on our street alone crashing … Continue reading

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